Month: April 2015

The grunge lifestyle

You could call me unfashionable but I like it my way of not demanding much. I wear old clothes and hate shopping. I sing when I feel like. It’s about being yourself. It’s the joy in life. It’s my lifestyle, it’s grunge.

I probably don’t smell too good cause I don’t have my own deodorant. At times, I use my brothers. My pants and the shirts I wear may seem oversized. That’s cause I didn’t buy my clothes. My friends at times tell me Nice shirt cause it’s branded. Well, it doesn’t quite make a difference to me. They probably passed on to me from my brothers. I don’t know. I don’t demand much. I proper menu in a restaurant is a horror moment for me. I’ve learned to be satisfied with what I have. Give me whatever you want and I’ll take it. Give me a million dollars and I have no idea what I will spend it on. Probably booze or charity. I’m quite sure I’m not going to get a big house or a bike. For some reason, I’d like to share it with people who were just like me. Happiness is compound. You’re only happy unless you have people around you who are happy too. Wherever you go and whatever you do, remember this quote from the price of grunge Kurt Cobain., “Trying to be someone else is a waste of being yourself.”

Do not demand cause expectations are what kills people. Think of life as a free flowing river of freedom where you do what you feel right and is best fit everyone. Live the life of grunge. Wear old torn ragged clothes and it doesn’t matter. After all a guitar makes me happier than champaign and limousine. Do what you love man. Surround yourself with your good spirit, positive energy and don’t worry, be happy.


Blissful brothers

Well I grew up in Ombahal, a courtyard close to the Basantapur Durbar Square. It wasn’t my home but it was my mother’s home before she got married and moved out to where my home is close to Khusibu.

It’s a fascinating place. There’s a small temple of Lord Ganesh right in the middle with a gajur for which it is renowned locally. But the best part about it was the family members that lived. My eldest mama has three sons and they have been really helpful to me since very early on in my childhood. I have my reasons why they were specifically more helpful than the rest.

As a kid, I used to go to a school far from home, one without a school bus. On a usual day my dad would pick me up but while he was away, it was my brothers who did so. I’d go their rooms and check out the CD collection and listen to their music. They weren’t fantastic cooks so I had Rara a lot in this days. Sometimes they would bring pizza or on other days I simply sat back an enjoyed listening to the harmonica.

They really wanted me to grow. I was being taught how to ride a bike. I know that they taught me how to walk. I learnt to make tea with them. I used to go around the neighbourhood to their friends and make hideous drawings of Kali. They were the coolest. And about their bike collection, WOW those classic Honda’s.

I’ve had my moments when they encouraged me that I was smart. They said it does not matter even if I fail or if I’m an under achiever. They convinced me to be a free thinker and go with the heart and work hard to achieve the greater glories of life. At some point we always struggle but I could always pick myself up because of my blissful brothers. I tried to copy them you know. Wearing their caps, posing wearing their jackets and putting on their deo. Jeez. There’s plenty more I did.

I often messed around in their computer. I came across both good and bad music. They would often get me a copy of the music I liked. Above all they took good care of me. It was love that they showed. I could possibly repay them. Not just these brothers I’m s taking about but all of them and my sisters too. But life isn’t about repaying the debt. It’s not bloody capitalism.

I hope I can repay my nephews and nieces for the great deeds their parents have done for me, an even more. As I feel, time is the greatest gift you can offer someone. I’ll be there for them if they need me. Ever ready. As for now, I smile like a fool for all the times I messed up their rooms.

On turning vegetarian

It was on Nepalese New Year’s Eve 2072 when I decided to turn vegetarian. I had my last chicken tandoori. Not a sad moment to be honest.

What? Whaat? K re? Hasais. Nobody thought I was serious. Let the reactions pour in.

Everyone was like Are you mad?, What nonsense, Not a wise choice for a skinny growing man. I have my reasons and anyone’s opinion doesn’t matter. It’s my choice and it’s more because of my spirituality.

Early on in my science classes I studied that meat is a helpful factor in human growth. Now that I’ve grown up, more moral issues no one ever talks about has come to my mind. For the past 20 years, I’ve been enjoying good food of some poor buffalo in the form of Mo:Mo. I’ve been to Valley Cold Store countless times and chosen which chicken bred only to be slaughtered should I kill. I feel guilty that I actually enjoyed eating somebody’s flesh. Pigs, sheeps, chicken, buffalos, ducks, fishes, octopuses and many more, I am very sorry.

There used to be this psycho poet teacher who used to say that it’s the consumers who are the biggest sinners. Now I know what he was talking about. Let’s not just blame the butchers but all of us who demanded it. They wouldn’t hunt down blue whales if people didn’t demand it. They’re literally taking down the world’s biggest living thing. It’s a crime to kill a human being. It’s probably because we have an ID with a name and we can’t become a part of the labour force. As I know, it’s as much a sin to kill a chicken as it is to kill a man. In the eyes of the God’s we should all be equal, every living being. When Lord Buddha’s cousin shot down a bird, he went in to rescue the poor thing. Up to this date, this is one of the most inspiring real life story over come across.

It’s time to change the way we think. I would probably get into cannibalism if the world went through an apocalypse but while we have fruits, beans and natural food, we should cut on the meat crap. It’s going to be hard but we should try hard to become less of a sinner. Just because no one opposes of this does not mean that feeding on flesh is not a sin. It comes to morals, not society values.

You probably didn’t think it this way but isn’t the life of your pet dog, cat, hamster, snake, turtle, spider, goldfish, dolphin or whatever you take care worth the same as any other animal? Animals are racked in cages, peeled off alive, shocked, beaten and battered to death for mostly leather and fur. They make ornaments out of their teeth, leather wallets, jackets and purse, hats and scarf’s of fur. If you can’t stop the people who kill, at least don’t demand for it. There does not need to be a violent protest. Let’s call it the silent protestwhere we don’t need to go on a rally. Let’s change people’s views from the internet. There needs to be an understanding with the forces of nature. Just because we have the power over the natural being does not mean we need to exercise it. Come on people, dump you leather shoes or the expensive elephant skin belt you brought from Thailand. Cut the demand and it’s the easiest way to cut the supply. You’ll feel more human today than yesterday.

Meat might not be the healthiest of foods. The change in our genes have made the consumption of red meat less favourable. I’d rather go for a chicken fight than eat one. At least one has the chance to live and one dies in honour. Just kidding but it sounds like copper age human slavery. And this, the way I see it is a medium for change. Now I wouldn’t walk into a restaurant and order the usuals. I become decisive now and learn to get into alternatives. It’s time to get rid of everything mainstream from my personal point of view.

After all, 20 years is a long time and I know I’ll feel better about being a vegetarian some day. I needed change and since I find my views to be logical enough to benefit living beings as a whole. I’ve never met a cruel vegetarian anyway. Some of them are my closest friends and they’re the most kind hearted people.

To all the vegetarians, you are awesome. Maybe even try turning vegan. I think I’m half vegan anyway. To those who are not, just think about it. Maybe think about meat if there’s no other alternative but as long as there is, feed on green. I wish you luck on your journey.

For further elaboration of animal cruelty and the benefits of going green:

Bon appetite.

Missing out on grand parents

The last grand parent I had died when I was 4 and I remember nothing about him. Today I see me niece and nephews with their grand parents and I have no idea what it feels like to have someone like them in your life.

27 is the number. I have 27 cousins and then there’s my younger brother. On the hierarchy of my generation, I’m the second youngest amongst my family’s mid generation. To be the youngest was a pleasure. I wasn’t the most mischievous of them and was probably the most loved and pampered one (exception my very own brother). I’ve always wondered what it would like to have old people around. I love stories of people when they say that way back in their times, they could buy a horse with a nickel.

My niece Judy lives in the US and I know she absolutely loves it when her grand mother (my aunt) is with her. She took care of her when she was a kid. She became a part of her life. The word bajje meaning grand mother is something I’ve pretty much never ever used. Nor have I ever used baaje meaning grand father. It’s not their fault that they are gone but I wish they were around. Sometimes I dream of them. Sometimes I dream me being in a strangers laps while my parents look at me with huge smiles. My niece Div have both working parents and it’s the grand parents that took care of the child. They are the ones who tell you tales of ancient history. They are the one who tell you that they are so much like their mother and father. They are the ones who have made their mistakes and pass on the knowledge to children. They are the one to furnish love in our minds and never let hate grow. They have survived a generation and with their grand child, they want to make a difference. I have been heavily influenced by my family members and I would have wanted to learn something from the traditional family line. As a child I was very interested in art. I would have loved to become an artist but I didn’t have the necessary influence from this generation. When it comes to ruining this trait, I blame education.

A grand father of mine was an artist. All I see of him are paintings; art hanging on the walls of an old home in the courtyards of Basantapur. Because of him I see my brothers who are now engineers having a passion of hanging art in their homes. My other grand father was a silver smith. Many of my uncles and brothers are still into it. They work day and night hammering pulps of silver, carving them delicately and adding rare genuine precious stones. Some of them even paint extremely well and they paint thanka which takes expertise in the field of art. They draw with gold dust and write in the traditional newari script.

Guess you know a little bit about how I was supposed to grow up to be but I didn’t. I feel creativity not intelligence to be in my blood. All I do is play guitar but I’ll forever be in awe that I’d rather be an artist than a musician. I’ve missed out on learning the traditional instruments as well cause I stay away from the usual community. But it’s okay. I still live with the fact that I had super awesome grand parents. If a genie gave me three wishes, I’d definitely want to meet then and let them know that I exist. After all, I have the most big wonderful family who love me and pamper me. Even though I’ve missed out on them, I’ll always try to smile when I meet an old man or any of my friends old man. As much as I love kids, I love the old people. 🙂