Addicted to sleep

Sometimes it feels like I could die of an overdose. If something I love kills me, it’s bliss.

To start with a secret, I live in my dreams. It’s my reality, a far better one than this where I can feel everything. It’s like Middle Earth or sometimes Seattle, but a lot different. It’s massive and gorgeous. Here I don’t need engineers and musicians. It’s this solitary man on an adventure who picks up things from an another world and drops it right there. Everything very precise. No sorrow, only joy and at times company of brilliant minds.

If The Matrix isn’t the greatest movie of all time, it’s probably Scarface. It’s all about fantasy. Imagine where the world would be without war. It’s been coming through ages. Men against men. Lions against every other animals. Mortals against titans. War is inevitable and so be it. To want everlasting peace, there needs to be no history. So where is peace? It’s about time I close my eyes and lay on my Strawberry Fields. As sung by the Beatles,  “Living is easy with eyes closed. Misunderstandings all you see”.

War is an act of defending what we believe is right and to protect the one we love. Poverty and capitalism on the other hand come side by side. We need a free mind, a world where we’re all nihilists. A land of ice and snow where togetherness is needed to survive, not mental isolation. A world where we make love in the open, where there’s no oppression. To forget responsibilities I sleep and I talk to master Yoda who enlightens me and take away my worries. The secret is, I’ve been lucid dreaming.

I think of myself as an engineer. So much is missing; so much is void. Dream big, dream more and you’ll find all the comfort you need. Just relax take it easy. Sweet dreams.

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