The sapiosexual

What am I? I don’t know. That’s why we’re here to find out.

This place is a dumpster and I need injection; something useful for my corrupt database. Where do I find it? Need to find a place to put my SQL query. $sql=mysql_query(SELECT * from PEOPLE where IQ>135). Am I ready for this? To execute this in such a dumb world, I’ll need a better processor. Mission abort. May luck favour me.

There’s been a few but they’re all busy. Damn this system. Need some coffee time. By the time Ben picks up his cup, take a sip and put it back on the saucer, I would have learnt something from the world’s most interesting man.  Not so weedivorous as Apollyon but with his interstellar talks, you know that there’s a secret within the empty spaces. And at last the sexiest of them all, the humanitarian with all of life’s answer. The oracle. One step ahead and she who can create the future.

The last thing I want to do is kill myself with boredom. Many times, I’ve come close. There’s useful data and there’s redundant data. It’s time to drop the table on celebrities that don’t make a social contribution. Spoilt rich brats. At least make good music or movie than have brainless YouTube channels blabber about you being as annoying as a blender grinding walnuts. Time to end this macromania.

I’m after people, I always am and intelligence is what I seek. Sometimes, I miss the comfort in being sad. We don’t change; we only love more and live more. It’s all in the books for the survival of the fittest. Game on losers.


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