People and meaning

“In life, you will always be somebody’s Monica, somebody’s Phoebe and somebody’s Rachel.” -Ritika

If you’re trying to impress everyone that walk into your life, you’re only trying to catch flies. Trying to please everyone is impossible. You could be the brightest peach in the basket and you will still find people who hate peaches.

And of course, different people have different values. Some less important, some more and it’s value changes with time. There are things to take under consideration like blood and loyalty. With some you have a stronger bond and with some very less. Some friendships fits in like a glove while some fell like hugging a cactus. You probably don’t know how much you mean to someone or how bad they feel when you don’t send a reply to their missed calls. If you really want to know, those who care are the ones who get hurt.

Aren’t there some people in your life who always give you a nice hug when you meet them? Aren’t some people just as nice, playful and annoying at times like your pet dog? There are some people who really value the relationship you’ve built with them. Well you love people who are ever ready to grab a coffee with you, right? Vodka as well. Some take days to build while some take years to realise. It’s important to create an aura of comprehension. People can walk right in and fit on the first meeting or repel so badly. Most times, there’s absolutely nothing you can do about it.

What is important is memories. It’s important to always smile and capture the moments. Many times you will never know if it’s going to be a final goodbye. So every time someone leaves, do not be surprised. Be surprised if they stay cause you will hardly meet people with the same life goals and those who will be with you always. Be realistic here and you’ll realise that there are people who don’t give a fuck about you and people you don’t give a fuck about too. Well you don’t say bad things to people right in front of their faces unless you’re boiling in anger or clutching your fists you know.

People have their dreams and never try to discourage them. They move from time and space to find their most suitable environment and try to live their theory which might sound outrageous. At times like these if you’re the person going lopper, Nevermind the bullocks. It’s important to disappear and go through a complete change. Some people will forever leave an impression. They’ll live on making us wish they’d last longer. If it really means anything, no matter how long it has been you can always rekindle with a smile.

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