The roof

I like it in the roof on a cold day when the lights are out. I’ll tell you what it’s like in the noon. There are plants everywhere and plenty of solar panels. There are drums for water storage and there’s a compost recycling bin. Hmm. Doesn’t sound so interesting but there’s a presence of enlightenment.

Every time there’s something bothering me be it a need for fresh air, I go to the highest spot in my home. It’s green and helps me think. Most times I’m wandering with no idea of what I’m doing. At times like these I take out my phone and scribble. Something good always comes out of it. The autocorrect makes it interesting at times. When I don’t know what I feel, I write so it helps me know what’s going on. I don’t take my notebook to a cafe and write. Mostly it’s late at night when I can see the stars. I write when the mood is interstellar. Listening to Pink Floyd helps a lot. Lately, things have been so different. I’ve been awfully busy and at the same time I’m relaxed and wasting my time. There are too many moments when I pick up my iPod and simply roam around with an open mind on the roof. Times are changing and what I want to do is take my warm coffee just to look at the hills (possibly mountains) and flying objects in the sky.

I’m a thinker and I’m caged. There are promises to keep to myself. Someday I’ll compete a book about all my crazy ideas I got while I basked in the sun or lay down under the stars. Up there the wind blows and I like it cold, preferably on a day it pours when everybody is inside while I disobey the commanding rain.

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