On turning vegetarian

It was on Nepalese New Year’s Eve 2072 when I decided to turn vegetarian. I had my last chicken tandoori. Not a sad moment to be honest.

What? Whaat? K re? Hasais. Nobody thought I was serious. Let the reactions pour in.

Everyone was like Are you mad?, What nonsense, Not a wise choice for a skinny growing man. I have my reasons and anyone’s opinion doesn’t matter. It’s my choice and it’s more because of my spirituality.

Early on in my science classes I studied that meat is a helpful factor in human growth. Now that I’ve grown up, more moral issues no one ever talks about has come to my mind. For the past 20 years, I’ve been enjoying good food of some poor buffalo in the form of Mo:Mo. I’ve been to Valley Cold Store countless times and chosen which chicken bred only to be slaughtered should I kill. I feel guilty that I actually enjoyed eating somebody’s flesh. Pigs, sheeps, chicken, buffalos, ducks, fishes, octopuses and many more, I am very sorry.

There used to be this psycho poet teacher who used to say that it’s the consumers who are the biggest sinners. Now I know what he was talking about. Let’s not just blame the butchers but all of us who demanded it. They wouldn’t hunt down blue whales if people didn’t demand it. They’re literally taking down the world’s biggest living thing. It’s a crime to kill a human being. It’s probably because we have an ID with a name and we can’t become a part of the labour force. As I know, it’s as much a sin to kill a chicken as it is to kill a man. In the eyes of the God’s we should all be equal, every living being. When Lord Buddha’s cousin shot down a bird, he went in to rescue the poor thing. Up to this date, this is one of the most inspiring real life story over come across.

It’s time to change the way we think. I would probably get into cannibalism if the world went through an apocalypse but while we have fruits, beans and natural food, we should cut on the meat crap. It’s going to be hard but we should try hard to become less of a sinner. Just because no one opposes of this does not mean that feeding on flesh is not a sin. It comes to morals, not society values.

You probably didn’t think it this way but isn’t the life of your pet dog, cat, hamster, snake, turtle, spider, goldfish, dolphin or whatever you take care worth the same as any other animal? Animals are racked in cages, peeled off alive, shocked, beaten and battered to death for mostly leather and fur. They make ornaments out of their teeth, leather wallets, jackets and purse, hats and scarf’s of fur. If you can’t stop the people who kill, at least don’t demand for it. There does not need to be a violent protest. Let’s call it the silent protestwhere we don’t need to go on a rally. Let’s change people’s views from the internet. There needs to be an understanding with the forces of nature. Just because we have the power over the natural being does not mean we need to exercise it. Come on people, dump you leather shoes or the expensive elephant skin belt you brought from Thailand. Cut the demand and it’s the easiest way to cut the supply. You’ll feel more human today than yesterday.

Meat might not be the healthiest of foods. The change in our genes have made the consumption of red meat less favourable. I’d rather go for a chicken fight than eat one. At least one has the chance to live and one dies in honour. Just kidding but it sounds like copper age human slavery. And this, the way I see it is a medium for change. Now I wouldn’t walk into a restaurant and order the usuals. I become decisive now and learn to get into alternatives. It’s time to get rid of everything mainstream from my personal point of view.

After all, 20 years is a long time and I know I’ll feel better about being a vegetarian some day. I needed change and since I find my views to be logical enough to benefit living beings as a whole. I’ve never met a cruel vegetarian anyway. Some of them are my closest friends and they’re the most kind hearted people.

To all the vegetarians, you are awesome. Maybe even try turning vegan. I think I’m half vegan anyway. To those who are not, just think about it. Maybe think about meat if there’s no other alternative but as long as there is, feed on green. I wish you luck on your journey.

For further elaboration of animal cruelty and the benefits of going green:

Bon appetite.

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