Blissful brothers

Well I grew up in Ombahal, a courtyard close to the Basantapur Durbar Square. It wasn’t my home but it was my mother’s home before she got married and moved out to where my home is close to Khusibu.

It’s a fascinating place. There’s a small temple of Lord Ganesh right in the middle with a gajur for which it is renowned locally. But the best part about it was the family members that lived. My eldest mama has three sons and they have been really helpful to me since very early on in my childhood. I have my reasons why they were specifically more helpful than the rest.

As a kid, I used to go to a school far from home, one without a school bus. On a usual day my dad would pick me up but while he was away, it was my brothers who did so. I’d go their rooms and check out the CD collection and listen to their music. They weren’t fantastic cooks so I had Rara a lot in this days. Sometimes they would bring pizza or on other days I simply sat back an enjoyed listening to the harmonica.

They really wanted me to grow. I was being taught how to ride a bike. I know that they taught me how to walk. I learnt to make tea with them. I used to go around the neighbourhood to their friends and make hideous drawings of Kali. They were the coolest. And about their bike collection, WOW those classic Honda’s.

I’ve had my moments when they encouraged me that I was smart. They said it does not matter even if I fail or if I’m an under achiever. They convinced me to be a free thinker and go with the heart and work hard to achieve the greater glories of life. At some point we always struggle but I could always pick myself up because of my blissful brothers. I tried to copy them you know. Wearing their caps, posing wearing their jackets and putting on their deo. Jeez. There’s plenty more I did.

I often messed around in their computer. I came across both good and bad music. They would often get me a copy of the music I liked. Above all they took good care of me. It was love that they showed. I could possibly repay them. Not just these brothers I’m s taking about but all of them and my sisters too. But life isn’t about repaying the debt. It’s not bloody capitalism.

I hope I can repay my nephews and nieces for the great deeds their parents have done for me, an even more. As I feel, time is the greatest gift you can offer someone. I’ll be there for them if they need me. Ever ready. As for now, I smile like a fool for all the times I messed up their rooms.


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