The grunge lifestyle

You could call me unfashionable but I like it my way of not demanding much. I wear old clothes and hate shopping. I sing when I feel like. It’s about being yourself. It’s the joy in life. It’s my lifestyle, it’s grunge.

I probably don’t smell too good cause I don’t have my own deodorant. At times, I use my brothers. My pants and the shirts I wear may seem oversized. That’s cause I didn’t buy my clothes. My friends at times tell me Nice shirt cause it’s branded. Well, it doesn’t quite make a difference to me. They probably passed on to me from my brothers. I don’t know. I don’t demand much. I proper menu in a restaurant is a horror moment for me. I’ve learned to be satisfied with what I have. Give me whatever you want and I’ll take it. Give me a million dollars and I have no idea what I will spend it on. Probably booze or charity. I’m quite sure I’m not going to get a big house or a bike. For some reason, I’d like to share it with people who were just like me. Happiness is compound. You’re only happy unless you have people around you who are happy too. Wherever you go and whatever you do, remember this quote from the price of grunge Kurt Cobain., “Trying to be someone else is a waste of being yourself.”

Do not demand cause expectations are what kills people. Think of life as a free flowing river of freedom where you do what you feel right and is best fit everyone. Live the life of grunge. Wear old torn ragged clothes and it doesn’t matter. After all a guitar makes me happier than champaign and limousine. Do what you love man. Surround yourself with your good spirit, positive energy and don’t worry, be happy.

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