Our very existence

Look into yourself. What do you see? Do you look less pretty than you used to be? Do you see yourself a little wiser or see yourself only aging? Don’t worry what the mirror shows, it’s only a reflection on the outside. It’s only the beauty on the inside that counts.

Let’s talk about tonight at this moment. Nobody is thinking about me or you. What if tomorrow you or I do not exist. There’s a high chance that tonight I might perish. People who don’t know will call me “That poor soul.” People who barely know will tell stories of what a nice person I was. Those who know me well will mourn. So why do we exist? Is it to earn enough money so you can spend an Armageddon in a Lamborghini?

We live in a selfish world. Corporations are what’s bringing unhappiness. Everything which is limited will bring you down. If you run after money, you will run out of gas before you know. You will spend endless hours working your socks off while some earn more than you will earn in the whole year in an hour. Take life as a gift. Try living moments you will enjoy. It’s all in the way you see it. There’s a purpose of life which I think I’ve discovered.

Only the good die young. Not really. Do you think you will make a difference to this world? Go to a green field and look at a bug. Do you see yourself as it in this world? Well, we don’t live for others. We don’t live with expectation. If you think bad karma will get you to be reborn as a moth that lives merely hours, so be it. There is no pain in death. It’s like Lennon would say, “just jumping from one car into another.” We live to leave a legacy. We live to enjoy in our times of sorrow. What you earn does not live on but what you create does. Some sang for freedom while some took part in a revolution. The aim is not to live forever but to create something that lives on.

I feel like I don’t have much to live so I tell you, I hope my words will make sense to you and help you in creating a better world. Forget yesterday and live a life today because it’s only the present that counts.

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