Just another brick in the wall

Ever wondered what it would be like if everyone was carrying guns around? Education is like a gun. Those who didn’t have it had to get one too but the big guns always stayed on the top.

Education is confusing. Hmm. Isn’t education supposed to exist cause we could understand more? A text book is one of the worst things there is. Beautiful, elegant but expensive. However, the scenario here is wicked. Me mom doesn’t want me to study so that I can understand the world better; she wants me to study so I could get a good job. You know, like corporate slavery. Fuck it. Were all caged by money.

What do I want to do with life. I wanna become BB King, be the worlds finest blues man without knowing a thing about music theory. Is it possible? Not with people around me who think differently than me. People here have bachelors degree and masters degree. They spend their time wasting on books for a thing called qualification. Couldn’t I just study them on my own and start up things on my own? Could the world BE any more ridiculous? Of course I don’t have any arguments against people who turned out to be millionaires without a degree. They believed in themselves. They created what they imagined of, maybe it even got out of hands and got enormous.

What needs to be taught at school is art and poetry. It teaches us to imagine and be happy. Maybe I wouldn’t argue much about primary education because it is needed to develop an understanding of the world like learning languages, science, morality and calculation. Anything besides this should be choice not compulsion. The worst part about education; thought control.

We were taught of religion in class and we could never argue against the heavy curriculum. It’s like if were designed to work for somebody. We don’t need higher education. We need social skills to communicate with people, learn to enjoy and knowledge. As much as education motivation for those who perform, it is demotivation for those who fail.

Pink Floyd is never wrong and you better heed it words. Education is thought control. We need to learn to live, enjoy nature and it’s bitter sweet symphonies. Never be chained. You will learn more from experience. Fuck the papers. You don’t need them. Why do you need to worry if an education system is or is not recognized in different parts of the world? Isn’t knowledge important than a document days that proves you wasted your time in a box with a bunch of space monkeys like yourself being lectured by money laundering speech gives.

Know the difference. Grow up to question. Be curious. Explore. Land yourself in trouble. Be a rebel. Be a nihilist. Love freedom. Live yourself. Let the only thing that defines you be your soul.

Delighted to enlighten you.


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