PEOPLE, People are amazingly funny

PEOPLE, People are amazingly funny;

They want you to trust them, but do not want to prove what they mean,
They want friendship to be forever, but are ready to break for temporary benefits,
They want to be great leaders, but don’t care a bit about their followers,
They want you to contribute for their growth, but nothing for your development,
They get the best use of you, but no acknowledge for your efforts,
They want you to work like a donkey, but never want to give credit for your work,
They squeeze you till the last drop, then throw you off like nothing,
They want you to act dumb, but can’t take a moment of your strength,
They talk about humiliation they have been through, but never miss a moment to humiliate others,
They don’t have a bit of courtesy about you, but shed crocodile tears in front of you,
They mean you are an asset till you are needed, but you become a liability once the work is done,
They think they know everything, but hate those who know better,
They make jokes on your growth, but keep feeling insecure inside,
They see all that is wrong in you, but can’t do a self assessment,
They can’t talk about all the above on the face, but use social media for grumbling…

People are amazingly super funny!

-Guru Tej


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