It’s Only A Feeling

What does it take to realise that love is real and love is blind? All it takes is a hit and trial. We all give it a chance to let someone inside our hearts. At first, everyone fails. We raise our expectations in trying to be selfless. What we do is what we become but how much we commit always differs. On a rainy day, my mom gave me an umbrella, but that day I enjoyed dancing with someone in the rain. Love is care and the unexpected. I love you both.

Anger does not need a build up but frustration and giving up does. At sudden moments, we slip and fall on the floor. We get hurt in unconsciousness, but we have time to get up to our feet. We need supports till we can get on our feet. If you are boxing, your best friend will blow you a knockout punch, which doesn’t mean he’s trying to hurt you. The blow you get is only making you strong. We fight who we love cause it’s worth fighting for. Some people are easy to earn a trust over and some are not. At times, I forget how much some people mean to me. At times, I look at my shadow and wonder if I’m smiling or simply sad. In the past, I found relief but not quite the comfort. In the present, there is a greater joy. Scenes of a year ago are all but black, white and blank. Today even in this dark room, there is a candle burning with me staring at the flame, not noticing the shadow behind. It’s so peaceful, the joy of a hug. It takes two synchronized beating of hearts to know the pleasures of life. It always seems to amuse me how we become close with people. To really understand someone, it takes time. Once someone makes you smile, it’s hard to forget. After all, we live for these moments. The feeling that we wish never goes way. All it takes is those whispering words and a touch to rejuvenate.

Happiness is at times sudden and at times something waiting to come. A distant relative might come to life, and sometimes you realise you’ve moved on from the past. We want us to be a better person tomorrow, and maybe we have become. Our opinions of people live in the past. We never know what this friend of ours could become tomorrow. Friends turn to enemies and foes turn to companions. All it takes is a smile to bring back the good times and to forget the bad ones. Everybody hurts and make us suffer. We dis and we fight, we love and we cry. Isn’t the feeling of tears running down our eyes beautiful? It tells us we stood up for something and that we cared so we were hurt. In emotions, we only get stronger and our hearts grow fond. Life is beautiful. Take it as it is. Perhaps happiness is right there in the corner, waiting for better days to surprise us. Be careful what you wish for, you might get it all.


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