Bands that don’t make my playlist

DISCLAIMER: You could find some of your very favorite bands innit. Please be ready for some ‘WHAT THE F#&*’ is wrong with him.

Just my honest opinion. Many don’t even have a reason why I don’t listen to them. Just check if you have a thumbs up for some of the bands. Kewl.


At some point, I was going nuts trying to learn ‘Nothing Else Matters’ but that was a long long time ago. With time, it just did not go with my musical taste. I rather opted for Megadeth and maybe it was because of my loyalty towards Dave Mustain, I never really liked Metallica. I’d rather listen to AC/DC or some other band. It was not the right level of heavy or perhaps a different type of music than what I would opt for.


This band is exactly what Pink Floyd isn’t. It’s got a few good songs and the guitar sucks. Edge has this irritating repetitive stuff with his guitar going on. It never got me curious to learn a riff of his. I don’t even think Bono is close to any good rock frontman and feels overrated. If it wasn’t for ‘FRIENDS’, I would have probably disliked even ‘With or Without You’. I don’t see what’s so good about the band. It’s the kind of band Simon Cowell would opt for. Bleh!

Guns ‘n Roses

I’m a big fan of the glam metal, but GNR is just not the right band for me. At some point, I did like this band but since even my friends who were their biggest fans said that Axle Rose in an ass, I began disliking it. Though songs like ‘Paradise City’ and ‘Welcome to the Jungle’ were at some point one of my favorite songs, I realised it’s just songs I would skip when it started playing on my playlist these days so.. there you go, there’s none there now. I wouldn’t say they’re lame. I’m staying loyal to them. I don’t think Slash and I have anything in common anyway though I respect him. Rose is still an ass.

Bon Jovi

At some point, I listened to bands like MLTR and Bryan Adams and Bon Jovi songs would be in the songs books I would buy. I just never liked their songs. It kind of felt like a big wannabe band that didn’t go along with my taste. I always thought it was overrated. It’s the name I use when I have to say I wish I’d discovered bands like ‘Led Zeppelin’ and ‘KISS’ earlier than slobby bands like Bon Jovi.

Black Sabbath

Ozzy, Dio? It doesn’t matter to me who was better. Even the name does not feel so big to me. I quite never liked any songs from them. Those I’ve heard never got me goosebumps or excited. I couldn’t wait till their song to end. It wasn’t too dynamic or anything exciting innit. I’d rather go for Iron Maiden or Deep Purple than this band. To sum up, I felt it was boring.

Pearl Jam and Alice in Chain

All I hear when I tell I love grunge is that I probably listen to this band as well, but Nirvana is all that’s very suitable for me. Eddie Vedder? Kurt Cobain is way cooler. I don’t think the soundtrack of ‘Into the Wild’ is good anyway. Just a band I wouldn’t wanna listen to.

John Mayer

When I first heard ‘Your body’s a Wonderland’, I thought “Dude, put your bedroom stories to yourself”. When I hear him, it only feels like a normal street guitar player. Eric Clapton could have chosen a better disciple. The electric guitar doesn’t doesn’t suit him. He’d rather stick with acoustic guitar and cover some songs like ‘Free Fallin’ and get chicks like Taylor Swift. 😀

Red Hot Chilli Peppers

I cannot classify them under a certain genre. What is that? Maybe at time I tried learning to play ‘Snow’ or ‘Caifornication’ but my interests just didn’t go with it. Just another song I’d listen to when in a restaurant or in an old friend’s iPod but nahh… it feels like it kind of degrades the quality of my playlist.

Foo Fighters

Nice guy Dave Grohl, I don’t feel like you’re anything like Nirvana with your guitar. I don’t see why you require 3 guitars mann. Like your other bands where you play the drum though.  i.e. Them Crooked Vulture, Queens of Stone Age. Peace.

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