Abish’s List of Top 10 Underrated Bands

The following are a list of bands which I think are greatly underrated. Most of these musicians do not appear on most my friends playlist or do I ever hear them playing in a cafe or restaurant. I have rarely met people who say it’s their favorite band. Most of these names were never heard of by people. So here’s my view on the list of bands you could put into your awesome playlist.

Creedence Clearwater Revival
It’s more than just ‘Have You Ever Seen The Rain‘. Of course, I first heard that song and thought it was a good single but never bothered to listen to the band thinking it was some old blokes just playing guitar. Later on when I got bored with my playlist, I listened to a couple more of the and discovered it was one great band. The guitar is great, their stories are and perhaps they’re a little country oriented, but they are one cool, neat and tidy band. I’d love to have CCR on my playlist if I’m going on a long travel. My personal favorite ‘Suzie Q‘.

This band is more than just Paul Gibert. I first heard ‘Wild World’ and then thought they were a cool acoustic band, a type that you would find in a coffee place. Turns out they are one absolutely gorgeous band. Songs like ‘Just Take My Heart’, ‘To Be With You’ were the ones I followed, but this band is an epitome of a hair metal band.
T. Rex
If you don’t know about T.Rex yet then I’d like to remind you that without Marc Bolan and the band, there would have been no glam metal meaning no Slash, KISS or Def Leppard. Perhaps they’re some old glamorous bloke but Bolan really is a greatly underrated figure. He was the cosmic man who would at times fold his knees, strum his hollow guitar and make a magical night. With outstanding compositions like ‘Lifes a Gas‘, ‘Get in On’ and ‘20th Century Boy’, perhaps they lack the respect from the newer generation. I haven’t heard anyone besides my dad who knows of this band.
Dire Straits
This is one very smooth band who probably hit a big time, but I feel needs a little more attention and respect. Mark Knoffler is a very talented guitarist and it’s because of people like him who are less respected that there has been a rise in influences to other genres than classical rock. Some songs like ‘Heavy Fuel’ have that punk attitude and they have various songs like ‘Romeo and Juliet‘ that would make you go dancing, making you feel like you’re under a spotlight. If only guitarist made Knoffler their idol, they would make pleasant rhythmic music than metal.
Deep Purple
Perhaps because of bands like Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath, this band never got enough of a bad ass reputation. They have a killer guitar and keyboard combination. I could never quite figure out when the solo is a guitar solo or a keyboard solo. From rash to reckless solos, this band is the kind of band you would play in an underground club like UFO alongside Pink Floyd. Their music certainly gets you headbanging. For beginners, give ‘Highway Star‘ a try.
It’s yet another hair metal band that should be in the limelight. They are one of the smoothest bands I know that that get you both rocking or makes you put your hand up in the air, but I have not met more than a handful bunch of people who have actually even heard of this band. It was ‘Is This Love‘ was playing in Hard Rock in Delhi, but no one I know here has ever heard of such an 80’s piece of art.
The Police
It’s more than just ‘Every Breath You Take‘ which has so many disco versions these days. Though Sting was an asshole, the band is altogether produced some very decent music. It made songs like ‘So Lonely‘ with lyrics supposed to make it more of a song something that sweeps your feet. The guitar work is amazing with some amazing harmonic techniques. A decent band that never got such a decent reputation.

These Germans surely are pioneers of the early metal and hard rock genre. ‘Still Loving You‘, ‘Wind of Change‘, ‘Big City Nights‘, ‘Rock You Like A Hurricane‘ and many more? The guitars are absolutely amazing with very cool plucking and have kind of songs you would never skip while playing in your iPod. They deserve to be there among the greatest musicians to walk the earth.
The Verve
This is a less known band where I come from. This band is so smooth and that kind of gives you a comfortable Radiohead kind of vibe, less the depression. Of course ‘Bitter Sweet Symphony‘ has to be their best song but every song you hear will set you the mood to listen to more of it. I personally love ‘One Day‘ and ‘Lucky Man‘. If you haven’t heard songs from this band, download it and give it a listen, not the other way around. Trust me, no matter which genre of genre you listen to, you wouldn’t be disappointed.
Gary Moore
This guy here is the best man to take a sad song and make it better. He is definitely the most underrated guitarist on the planet but besides that fact, he is one damn good blues musician. If you haven’t heard songs like ‘Parisienne Walkways’ or ‘Walking By Myself’, you are in for a treat.

If you think there are any other underrated bands, do let me know.

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