Losing love in the time of euphoria

Everything was serene. It felt like there was goodness in the world. Smiles and laughter were all that surrounded. In these moments of bliss, you are happy and you think everyone else is. I’d link to think that happiness is contagious. It is in some way, but it depends on who wants to be with you. A friend bold or fool will be there in times of both sorrow and joy. These were the best days of my life, but not so good for some.

There has always been some comfort in sadness. It’s a shell that’s difficult to get out from. I recall the movie The Shawshank Redemption where people who have been in prison for long enough prefer to stay chained. Liberation isn’t something you will enjoy instantly. We hold on to what sticks to us, even the bad times. There I was leeched by a bond that brought me down more than it lit up. Losing love when I was happy didn’t make a difference. It felt like things before were temporary. All that matters is the state as of present. Now I look back at it, I was pampering someone who needed so much freedom. I do not need people to tell me when to stop taking an another glass of whiskey. I like to think of myself to be in control of everything.

In trying to be like someone else, we lose our own sense. We rush when people are waiting. We fight when we could have been enjoying the evening with a glass of wine while cold wind blows, all by yourself. There’s no need to have someone next to you every time. It hinders your approach to a solitary life and to shape your own destiny. Now there’s no one left to catch me and I’ve lost someone who would call me at unexpected times. The absence shall be felt for a while. Silence shall echo louder than words. Yet I keep in mind the bad things I’ve left behind.

The abuse of words shall never be witnessed in this manner. There is no need to understand someone else and freedom has arrived. No gifts to buy and nothing to receive. Nothing to expect and one less person to be disappointed in. After all as the proverb goes, ‘Trust no one who doesn’t like The Beatles’. There’s a difference in everyone but for some we compromise, for some we sacrifice. Perhaps we do not get along with some because the foundation and the philosophy that we follow are so different. Being friends is easy. All you have to do is be nice to them and perhaps sometimes there are too many ears to listen to.

Change is good and when people bring you down with their sorrows, you could stop trying to make things better. If it was important to me, I’d apologise without it being my mistake but perhaps the world turns, we smile and we pretend like it never happened. We don’t need negativity in life and we get rid of things that aren’t as important as they used to be. It goes on and with time we get used to newer things. To sum up, break-up’s haven’t been this easy.


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