Everything Wrong With Society

This capitalist world has revolved around power and greed. Nothing really matters but working your ass off so you could pay the tax to the government that does little to enhance your living quality. So to start with my dissatisfaction with the government, I suggest that you to stop voting. Let me put it this way. Do not think your vote will definitely bring positive change.

When have we ever been so satisfied with the current leaders of our country? Politicians will be doing their jobs. Some do it well, others just get comfortable with the government fund and the privileges they receive. Either way, even if the government is doing something good for the country, what part do you play in it? All leaders have their agendas and their own prospects to make things work. I hardly see any positive change in the country. Be it parties you support or loathe, they will always play their part in doing something positive or negative, or simply maintain the situation of the country. You do not play a part in changing the country, or let me put it as a gamble. Once you have voted for someone, it is up to them to fulfill their promises which can be so easily broken and they will not feel guilty about it.

It doesn’t give me pride that I voted. I put the stamp on a random logo which I found to be creative. I’ve been told by many people that I should be interested in politics and that it is important. Well this is the stuff they teach you at school in social studies. As you grow, you should learn to think for yourself and know if your actions have any positive impact or any impact at all. What you can do is think of making a change for yourself. Do not trust the government, it’s bollocks. Do not listen to their speeches. This way you will know nothing of what the government has promised and you will never have that expectation of a better future. Instead, what we can do is find a way to make an impact all by ourselves. Do not even think that you will get support from the government. The only thing we need to do is play our part in contributing to the country. There are so many ways in which we can contribute to the country, be it not carrying plastic bags or riding a bicycle.

We cannot just accept the way society is moving. Remember Galileo, the scientist who said the Earth was round and was sent to prison? We blindly believed in something that has no reasons to be believed in. Society will resist change. People will ask you what political party interests you, and what is your religion? Does it really matter? We take the good from everything. I have my opinions and you may support me for some and criticize me for others. We should learn to realise for ourselves what impact our actions play. I have met people who were from the ministry, parliament and political parties. They obviously do not try to take down the country (some do), but they are visionaries. It’s just that we expect too much and it takes a lot of time to implement things. I believe that we should rather rely on our youths to build the country than expecting someone else to do the work.

Our country needs their youth now more than ever. From some old statistics, there’s an enrollment of a total of 3000 students from 42 universities in Nepal every year (stats of 2013). Though the sector of engineering in various areas, our country needs them more than ever. It is time to find a solution than being dependent to foreign countries. There isn’t any source of energy like uranium or oil in Nepal. We have relied on Hydropower for electricity but witnessing dozens of hours of power cut. We have also relied on petrol and gas from foreign countries cause there is not real supply from within the country. You might argue that there is no alternative to it. I disagree. Underground energy sources like oil, gas and coal sources are depleting and in the near future, these vehicles that we so expensively buy with double-triple value tax will have no source of fuel at all. By 2050, there is not going to be the supply of fuel as we have now, which we rely so much on. Before other countries to find a good alternative to life without oil, we could find an alternative to it with our young minds. We could rely on environment-friendly ways and renewable ones. Hell with it, we can even produce fuel from marijuana which is available in abundance in Nepal. After all, we need to be self-reliable, right?

I believe that we can change our view of relying on old men and women trying to become ministers. They will play their part, they have their panel to discuss what to do and have the funds or maybe support from other countries. We youths don’t have much to offer, but ideas, togetherness and commitment is all we need. We might need support, but we cannot be reliant. There is not much to be proud about the fact that Buddha being born in Nepal or Mount Everest and the beautiful mountains of the Himalayas lying in our country. Some incidents that occurred recently were barbaric. These facts don’t make us better human beings, but our commitment to bring change and rebuild it with our hands does. It is time to take a huge step and change the way how we live with expectations that our vote will make a difference. Think outside the box and be the solution our country and the entire world needs.

We were torn apart by wars, civil wars and earthquakes, but has these had any positive impact on our lives or has it been the same old story of going up the hill and going down tumbling after?

Whatever the future holds, I think is in our hands.

Jay Nepal.

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