If I’m mad at you

I don’t tend to lose my temper so easily, but keep in mind that I’m only human. So this blog is for you if in the future I’m mad at you for any reason. So this is a blog to help you to go back to good ways with me. Kewl.

Food:  If you need a tip, I love Indian food. A decent Samosa, Pani Puri or Dosa will certainly work cause I have a tendency of not consuming food when I’m mad, so there is a good chance that my hunger is aggravating my anger. Also, my favorite bakery is Weizens Bakery at Thamel. Also, know this fact which is very important. I am a VEGETARIAN. Don’t ever suggest that I should start eating meat cause that certainly angers me every time.

Oreos: Oreo is not food. Oreo is just Oreo. It’s divine. Get me a ton of Oreo if I’m ever mad at you. This works 80% of the time with 100% of the time. But make sure it’s not an orange flavor. Get me milk too cause you know, I’ll have to go and get it anyway. And don’t bring Coke along with Oreo. I don’t wanna become diabetic you know. Here’s a link to Amazon for Oreos if you can’t find one in your nearby shops. Free shipping mate. It’s a good deal. Get one for yourself.

The Beatles: This also works 80% of the time with 100% of the time. Be it just playing a song on your mobile phone, or singing “Hey Jude” with a terrible voice or bringing a band to sing along, it will work. Trust me, sometimes it’s certain that I’ll call you and idiot and smile afterward. You could try other bands too, but I think I’ll prefer this one if you really were to sing a song that I certainly won’t hate. This reminds me of the song Dear Prudence from one of my all time favorite movie Across The Universe.

Get me guitar stuff: This might be a little bit expensive but get me a guitar. You could actually bring any instrument, but I’d prefer a Ukelele which I really wanna own, or a Gibson or Fender (trust me, you will receive a diamond ring for this). This is a no brainer. Abish and Guitar. Come on guys, it’s a no-brainer. I’d love it if you give me accessories to play my instrument. That would save me time from going to the guitar shop. I like to experiment with my guitar so give me anything, effect peddles, plectrum, capo, bottle-neck, whammy bar.. anything you like. Guitar magazines and song books work too.

Don’t fight back: If we got into a fight or something and the more you pour our some terrible sentences, the madder I’ll get. I’m more like an old steam engine that boils and takes a long time to stop. So better ignore for a while than to jump on the phone when I’m still boiling and expect me to forgive you right way (might be my mistake too, but please). I can’t stay mad for too long. Next time i get mad, you could also clock it with a watch really.

Give me a hug: I like hugs. It just brightens my face. It’s worked for me every time. It gives me the message that either we can be happy or sad together. Besides just making my day, a hug fixes everything. Only make sure that you smell good and that I like you. A hug is like a lemonade on a sunny day and hot chocolate on a cold winter. It gets along well in most situations (not all). Be careful with this maneuver cause I know karate. I might chop you with my reflexes if we’re kind of in a wrong person. Please don’t make it awkward, just saying.

Be who you are: If you just confront me and say sorry IF YOU THINK IT’S NECESSARY, it’s enough for me. I’m telling you, I’m an arrogant bastard, but I am a devotee of Buddha. I might not want to forgive at the moment, but as a good man would, I certainly will forgive you. “Holding on to anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die” as said by Buddha. It’s not like I enjoy being in a bad mood; I don’t. If I over-react, please don’t mind. I’ll try my best not to be furious, but you’ve got to give me more time. Know that I will forgive, and I will forget. I won’t even remember a thing you did that infuriate me. I have a bad memory.

Don’t say sorry: Doesn’t sound so strange to me. You don’t have to apologize to me really. I wish for you to see it the same way. If something ever goes wrong, ignore it. We don’t need to talk about it. Just make sure it doesn’t happen again. Life is a sine curve, full of ups and downs. I’ll understand that it’s one of those days when either you were in a bad mood, or I was in a bad mood. We can all lose the grip buddy. It’s okay. We’re not machines, we have emotions and sometimes we are overwhelmed by stress and the way things are going. Just crack a joke. So the next time we get along, just be cool. DONT OVERREACT and DON’T APOLOGIZE.

Be invulnerable: If you’re someone like my Ritika or my lovely daughter Diva, I just cannot be mad at you. You know those people right whose simple ‘Hey’ can fix anything. Yeah right. It’s a situation where this term anger never comes out. If you have an aura that makes me smile with just your presence, you’ve got it.. the immunity. Nothing to worry about then.

To be honest, I’m a sucker for a lot of things. I don’t know myself so well and I don’t know how hard or how easy it is to fix me. If you try to make my day better when I’m frustrated, I’ll appreciate it. If you know me well, maybe there’s more ways to make me smile even in the most exasperating situations.

Simply remind me to smile. 🙂


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