Unrequited Love

For plenty of reasons, people do not stay together. It takes a natural chemistry to stay together.

I’ve had good friends and lovers in the past, but the times they are changing. People who used to be close aren’t so close anymore. Also, I can’t argue with the fact that it’s we can do little to maintain a relationship. It’s unnatural to try to live in the past and fix the things we can’t hold on to. The people on the top of my chat list on Viber has altered in the present. I have no idea what my close friends 5 years or a year ago are doing right now or where they are. I cannot keep up to date with friends who are in the US. I simply cannot.

There’s no point in staying distressed with the fact that people moved on. In a few years, I see myself in a certain scenario. Everyone must have a certain perception of what their life would look like in the future. It all differs and even if doesn’t, we eventually end up in different circumstances anyway. We go to new places and we meet more people with similar goals. There comes the question of trust in making strangers friends, but some get along very well while some don’t. We enjoy these moments with our new peers cause we have similar ideas and comprehend  each other better.

If a friendship means something, the spark will always remain. To be friends, we only have to be good natured. We all get along with certain people more easily than others. It’s a world of extroverts and introverts where some express themselves freely while some don’t. With every passing moment, the bonds between people grow strong or loosen up. There is a different level of gravity for the different people who we know exists or don’t.

It’s foolish to expect love in return. For what I know, life is not a fantasy world of The Beatles universe. We get frustrated and feel lonely for not getting the things we expect in return. In our own imagination, we can create our own bonds, which we call it day dreaming. Instead of crying over spilled milk, we could look forward to making ourselves better and follow our purpose in life. I’d like to be honest with the fact that my career path and the things I want to do go in different directions. The things I’ve enjoyed the most have come in small packages.

In the melancholy of not finding love, we waste an awful lot of time searching for things we don’t need. It’s like the time when I regret not having a million bucks cause I’m missing out on buying John Lennon’s guitar. All I need is a guitar, but I’m wanting more than what I need. We are blind to love. Losing it will make you lose your mind and gives you a hollow feeling, but it is best to smile and find our new ways to enjoy the blessing of the universe.

As a Capricorn, I believe in karma. I also believe in nature’s way of giving you chances. If you regret on losing friendship or love knowingly or unknowingly with time, it’s time to close the doors behind you and discover the wonders of life that lie ahead. Work hard, come under the limelight and luck will follow you. I try to find love in everything I do and on most days, I succeed.



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