This world seems like it’s in a countdown to extinction. There are blood and disturbance everywhere. It’s not a situation of domestic violence, it’s international and it’s horrible. The world we live in sucks.

The word safety used to be precaution from natural ways of life, like errors or accidents. The word safety now means refers more to avoiding violence. What has become of the world? It was not like it was ever peaceful but now it is in it’s extreme limits. I would rather render myself useless than be involved in violence. I would rather be ignorant about politics than to participate in it and become involved in wars with different groups or within the country.

The way to bring peace in Earth is to trust each other that we won’t harm each other and not think of revenge or have control over anyone. The way we know how the world is running is like a game of chess between two amateurs. They each make one move after another to sabotage the other person, coming to a conclusion where one of them is defeated. It’s not over there yet. The person losing is confident in his ability to win over so they agree to play another game. Then one game leads to another and it goes on and on. Wars are like a game of chess. You might defeat them, but you will never defeat their hearts. When one has anger and frustration, they will always strike back and find ways to win anyhow. In a war, we face each other where the pain is inflicted to both.

We know that misery loves company. It seldom goes down alone. Even in a losing battle, the defeated person will not go down without inflicting as much pain as possible. Misery even repeats like history. Wars rage one after another. There is no such thing as a silent protest these days. There used to be a time when John Lennon had a Bed-in protest for world peace where he protested with long hair and music. It never hurt anybody. It was a nice incentive, a true mark of genius. Back then, music was used to heal. By singing the song “Give Peace A Chance”, there came an end to a useless war.

I couldn’t agree more now that the world is run by nothing but buffoons. The smartest minds in the world think they can handle the pressure and have things under control. They make a system that has everyone living under their regulations, but it will always come under scrutiny and will not be accepted by everyone. It’s not a law of physics which bounds to everyone in every condition. It will be full of flaws. What needs to be taught in schools is art and science. We need creativity to find new ways of to put a ragged upside down world in place and curiosity to make sure a mind is never idle and to keeps us wondering. Children should never be raised with a disturbed mind. In the world where we should be looking for alternative sources of energy, we look forward to finding ways to destroy harmony. There is so much to do, and all we do is slaughter is each other. The world as we know needs to give up on greed and blaming each other. We are all at fault, are the ones to provoke and ourselves the victim.

Having religion and boundaries has caused the greatest havoc in this world. Religion was created for people to love each other and to live among each others in a community. It is supposed to be a promoter of peace, instead it has been the most misleading way of promoting hatred. We all have our differences with each other. We are raised differently with a different experience. We are exposed to different kinds of knowledge and enthused by different things. The world would have been a so better place if there was no hunger for power. Having control and a set of rules to obey by has destroyed humanity.

Is life all about the money in the bank, the 10 to 5 work hours, the occasional family and friends gathering, the business, the educational degree, growing old and then dying? Instead of calling ourselves the intelligent beings, we should rather classify us as the deluded. Nothing makes sense at all. When science was used as a means for war, it was the beginning of the end. Haven’t we had enough diseases, famine, flood and other natural ways to pile up our misery? Does it take nature’s wrath to bring peace? We are slowly devouring ourselves, and we will be known in history as the most disgusting and mislead human generation, whose ignorance caused their own extinction.

We can never trust the government and we cannot take sides to be honest. The media and the world do not know the truth. All we can do is become childish and learn to live in peace. If our mind has been used to enslave us, guns and bombs to run a world of fear, money as a mean to balance equality, this is not the world I want to live in. I do not believe the world can be saved, but we can try to live saying we tried and to set an example for others to envy, learn and follow. In fact, the world is a dying and there the fate of the planet is just a question of how long we have till we perish.

If you want peace, live by the philosophy of not taking revenge, controlling anger and living a life by promoting peace, not impair and sway people with fear. I would rather have teenagers be ignorant and useless than be involved in politics. As we know the system is a complete failure and peace is there in nature. Only after wandering and experiencing nature, we can ever understand ourselves and the purpose of our existence. It is to bond with each other and spread a smile.

We are here to help each other in our difficult times and I have no idea what we are doing? Now is a question of how much we can maintain, not how much we can fix. Broken hearts cannot be fixed just as dead bodies cannot be resurrected. All I am saying is give in all the negatives.. all possessions, weapons, greed, anger, temptations, the past, the hurt, the angst, the frustration, the revenge, the formula, the masterplan, the captives, the hostages, the ammunition, the military budget and much more.

Does anybody even think of giving peace a chance?



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