Is influence bad?

I’ve had a lot of influences through the years. There was a point I was self assured that I was the reincarnation of Kurt Cobain. Now that I’ve got some sense into me, why would anyone want to be Kurt Cobain?

Like the sayings go, the other side of the grass is always green. We always want to do things others do. We admire strangers for their ability. We take some things seriously, too seriously that we try to become them. Specially as a child, we pick up things we see our seniors do. We make our fathers our idols, learn from our brothers while we try to copy the style of musicians, actors or athletes. Its necessary to go through this phase cause by their influences, we shape ourselves.

When our idols do something, it takes no reasoning or explanation.

So it is necessary that we learn the right things. Until we are old enough, we do not question our decisions much. We eat the stuff on the plate and consider the things we read as real. We are not aware of the biases. Somewhere in this world lies an island where the natives do not kiss, cause they’ve never seen anyone kiss. We pick up things we hear, see which makes us wanna become them or different.

It’s more than okay if the influences include people like Buddha or George Harrison who seldom did anything wrong, but we are often influenced by people who are best described by the term ‘shite’. We pick up habits like consuming drugs, dressing like parrots and other vile things. As I’ve recently turned atheist in recent years, I think religion is one of the worst influencing factors to mislead humanity. It’s probably because of my influences from Lennon’s revolutionary song “Imagine” that the world would be better with our religion. Do you think Lennon was wrong? I don’t know, it’s just an opinion. It’s only imagination.

So it’s important that we surround ourselves with the right people. Our idols influence our behaviours, choices, the things we learn and the way we express ourselves to the world. Most of my idols are people who don’t trust the government so I don’t either. Until you are mature enough to realise what is wrong and right, our influences could be blindly leading us to the right path or misleading us. It’s a matter of who we trust and our capability to understand.

Believe me, even the most seemingly perfect people have flaws and are imperfect. Haven’t you ever been advised by chain smokers not to smoke? Be wise enough not to be habituated to the wrong habits. When you’ve got a grip on something and are addicted to stuff, it is going to be close to impossible to let go. We should also learn that no matter how decent a man’s influence can be, they certainly can pass onto your flaws. It is up to us to realise what to pick and what to drop. We can even learn from jerks. Bad people aren’t always bad right?

So is influence bad? Do you think your teachers are teaching you the right thing? Do you think the system is telling you the truth? Do you think you’re not a sheep, bound to a dog being governed by a pig? Sort out your influences for yourself. Question yourself and you will find the answers for yourself. Is influence bad?

Image by Jessy Russell @Flickr

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