How to get into the UN

Dear Akanshya,

It was quite delightful to talk to dear sister on New Years day. It’s a shame that we didn’t get much time to talk that day; cons of a day for celebration. Anyway, I have some advice for you regarding something of our common interest -joining the UN.

Turns out the UN is a mean body that takes only the best. You need to be someone who is a standout talent in the region. There is probably no quota of how many people they need. If they see the potential in you, they will take you in no matter when. If you look for videos and posts on the internet on how to join the UN, they’ll tell you to start from right where you are by contributing domestically. That’s what they want you to do. It shows the potential that you have to bring a change. As comments are as truthful as the real articles you read these days, I’ve learned that they require you to have a higher than average GPA and school scores. I have my hypothesis on why you require good grades.

The education system is a blunder to be honest. I’ll elaborate about it later. Basically in school, you have a book which you need to study and your marks/grades depend on how well you’ve worked on it. So what you learn at school is to read and understand what is written. You get the idea of how to analyse and present it in a way that the readers can understand that you have understood. It is a very important skill to analyse and publish the ideas, theories, concept or results. It was particularly something I was never good at. When you read a book and answer the question in the right manner, you know that you have expressed well and that you understand the basic concept and can present it in depth. Learning to write a report and being able to communicate are some major skills you will require. You might even have to learn a few other languages.

I’ve been someone against education, especially against it cause I think it is a right to everyone and you have to pay for it. You could give the crap about how government schools provide free education or in cheap prices, but you’re missing out on the point. Private schools have better results with education cause it takes money to teach you well and provide the necessary approach to practicality like access to labs, field works, and educational stuff. And even if you are at school, we have a tendency to approach things the way it is written in the book. You cannot find the answer on the internet cause it’s supposed to be written the way it’s written in the book. Go ahead, it’s just a few years and you’ll have the freedom to learn what you really want.

Be careful about what you want. I was myself someone interested in working for the UN or any INGO until I thought I could contribute to society by being involved in a Rotaract, Red Cross or Leo Club while I have a full-time job as something else. Turns out that you can contribute to the society in your own way, but it will not be a full-time commitment. You probably won’t be able to travel on a private plane in a war-torn country in Africa or the Middle East. You will probably miss out on the big adventures. Besides this, you should know that a full-time work in service is something of a menace and bliss at the same time. I know people who have served their time in INGO’s and were left frustrated. The main reasons being having to see the suffering of people and having to communicate with a lot of aggressive people who will lash back at you even when you try to help. The main thing is that it takes a lot of commitment and you could have to stay away from friends and family for a long time.

I believe in you. I believe you’re a smart person and you have what it takes to serve a worldwide community in every way. I ask for you to take one step at a time. The school that teach you here will not be good enough for you. You will have to do a lot of homework yourself searching for information and opportunities on the internet. I guess you like to read and spend quite some time in the library. The teachers here in Nepal in whatever institution you go to will not be able to provide you with the necessary skills like public speaking, negotiation, diplomacy and you should understand that you could be living under horrible conditions and be involved in insecure missions. That’s the exciting part, the adventure in it and the determination to make a change. It takes a lot of heart and one thing you need, you already have, the will to serve and make lives better.

It was a pleasure meeting you and I hope you remember the pact of helping each other out if we get into the organisation. I hope you do not deviate midway like I did. I can only give you suggestions on fulfilling your dreams. I would love it if you can follow your dreams. I’ll try to play my part in encouraging you. For now, contribute to the community in any way you can.

See you soon Akanshya. Keep in touch.


Image by Project Azazel @Flickr


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