Another usual daydream

I found myself staring at the embers in the chilly afternoon. I was going to places in my deep thoughts, not thinking but just wandering. I think I reached somewhere by the outskirts of the city on a highland. I know the place and I remember the field below me. It is vast and open with tall dried grass. Over there, you can always fell the sun.

The wind is not strong and you do not feel cold, not even in winter. I have been there many times but only in the afternoon. There is a small stream that flows in the summer. The sound of flowing water is peaceful. It is probably what purgatory sounds like. It feels like someday an endless river will take me to the place I belong. The ideal paradise is probably better than how I imagine it to be. For now, I see beauty in simplicity.

A place is no heaven unless there is a company of good people. I would want there to be a single wise person, preferably a poet like Robert Frost or a writer like Oscar Wilde. Yet I would like to have company of someone better than me but imperfect. I find beauty in imperfection. The dream person is someone cute, short, fair and with long black wavy hair. I can smell her right now.

Perhaps the world would be a better place if everyone could spare a couple of minutes to close their eyes and imagine. One can only be truly satisfied when they themselves answer the questions of their own curiosity. People should take a cup of tea and take it easy. The physical world is cruel and your imaginary world is a garden for you to find peace.

I know that there are days when theres a storm in my abode but I try to keep it a happy place. Sometimes I pretend to smile and hope the sadness goes away. The physical world is great, but it is not realistic. Here we are driven by responsibilities, but we are fated to pretend. I wish I could close my eyes forever. In the wild, there is my home and I cannot wait till I see the place again.

Close your eyes and you will find the place where you belong.

Image by Riccardo Cupping @Flickr

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