A transition from Evilsupremo to Whitelightning

I should say, this is kind of a review of the year 2015 and it is my prospective of the changes that took place.

It is a year with not too much too remember and much to forget. In the beginning, everything around me was black from my laptop to phone cables and it all turned white this year. It was my last year in college and a year made horrible by massive earthquakes on April and May.

I think I might have played my last game of DOTA and I’m done with computer games which is an addiction I carried throughout my childhood, can’t say about FIFA though. It was a year my spiritual enlightenment where I turned vegetarian. I had a whole new set of global influential people. I got more into current affairs and I switched from primarily using Facebook to Twitter. I developed a habit of reading too much and realised its time for me to become independent and stop relying on my parents. I started earning a dime though I don’t have a job yet but it’s not something I’m looking for.

This blog came into life after I told myself that I wouldn’t let my previous tragedies to have an influence on my writing, even though I learned a hefty amount from it. I’ve developed my skills with coding and came to know a lot about current affairs. I made it clear to myself that I don’t trust the government and I don’t want to run for president. I opened an NGO for myself cause I know I can make a difference without being politically involved.

I realised the age is gone for me to waste time watching an entire TV series. There came a realisation that I’d prefer quality over quantity when it comes to things like friends or posting on my blog. I told myself that I will go after what I want to do which is to write, inspire and travel so I’m training myself now so I have skills which will help me earn money on my journey. I lost touch with some friends and made some new ones. I’ve learned to let go things that hold me back and hold on to those that matter even though it might me suffer. I learned that I’m still young and at this stage everyone is imperfect. I realised I’m no prodigy but it is unto me to prove I’m a late bloomer.

I realised that I could be wrong about a lot of things in the past and to accept humility. I learned that we should be ready to accept change and that nothing is as permanent as change. I felt that what is right now may be wrong tomorrow cause the world goes through a lot of change. I also learned that people die and it’s okay to mourn and cry. An elite group of people may be leaving the world, but we must have faith in humanity that someone else can set us to the right direction. I intend to be one of them.

All my life I’ve believed that our seniors are wiser than us and are always right, but now it doesn’t feel so. We all know something someone else doesn’t know. We can always learn from anyone else. I’d like to believe that someone younger and new can still be wiser and have greater ability. I realised that though I respect seniors, they might be wrong and that I might be right and that I could be alone when fighting for a cause. Not everyone will understand you and people will think you are insane. It’s upto you to try to explain the world how you are right and to show them a new path, but you cannot spend precious time arguing with fools. If people are free thinkers, they will understand you. Some people are too stubborn to change their mind and will not review their ideology. If you cannot influence everyone, it doesn’t matter cause what it matters is that you know you’re right cause the right ones will be there to support you.

I stopped reading and listening to things that didn’t matter to me anymore. I realised that now I was solitary, not lonely. I discovered a few hopeful musicians and discovered my love for art. I realised I was different and that I couldn’t live a life without having contrasting view with people. I ignited my interest in science because of the TV series COSMOS. Russell Brand, George Harrison, Richard Dawkins and Carl Sagan became my role models.

Also, I lost complete faith in God and realised I was a resilient being. I became glad about the fact that I survived the earthquake and what a joy it is be alive. I got closer to my family and gave up a lot of toxic habits and beat a few addictions. I lost my faith in love for some time and regained it. I learned that no matter what happens, we move on. I think I discovered the purpose of being born which is to help others. Also, it’s okay to ask help from people. It’s one of the bravest thing we can do. Many times we cannot do things on our own and we should also try to help others in every possible way. I found happiness in sharing a smile.

I learned a lot from the right people and the wrong people. This altruistic feeling is only getting stronger. I used to think that I could work and serve the community side by side but then realised that I want to dedicate my life for the well being of people. I don’t know how I’ll be saving mankind but I have set it as my ultimate goal. I’ve been playing safe all my life following the path of an ordinary path and now is the time for me to take a leap. I have full confidence in me to reach my goals sooner or later. Now I’m 21 which I feel is a lucky number and I plan achieve something by 27. There is still a lot to improve but I know I’m growing and the only person I should try to better than is the person I was yesterday.

In my blogs, I’ve written more of the things I’ve learned, I hope I can inspire you but remember that I might turn sour or lose my mind one day. At times like these, remember that it is not the people that inspire you to do something but it is the truth. It is important to learn the wrong from the right for yourself so that you are always a free thinker and so that you can always debate on what you believe is right.

Have a wonderful year ahead. Cheers.

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