Month: March 2016


For some reason, every argument people make seem so childish to me now.

Gone are the days when I used to argue. People who used to be around me will probably be shocked by the fact that I will not debate about why everyone in this world should become vegetarians. After some quite time for myself, I figured out that you can try to sway people with your ideas but you don’t have the ability to change people’s mind.

Why bother when you know that people are so busy? In fact, all I’ve been doing is criticising people  for their ignorance and choices. Not everyone is like me. There are so many people in this world who have Twitter accounts and they don’t bother following a new channel at all. They simply don’t care. I might try to give them knowledge, but it’s no use because they won’t assimilate it. We’ll I’m not calling people fools, but they don’t have time worrying about saving planet Earth.

In these recent days, I’ve been proving myself wrong by becoming a critique of myself. This new version of me doesn’t think LSD or even marijuana should become a part of any creative minds work. I do not think that people need to quit their jobs and go after what they want because that involves risks, which if you are not brave enough is not a path for you to take. If you don’t get money by sharing an idea, perhaps you should keep it to yourself because you have not realised yet that money is worth nothing.

I cannot speak for people without a purpose in life. If it makes you happy then its fine, I just hope that at one point you will realise that New York City will be under sea level and that people will start dying from malaria in the Himalayas. Little things matter in life and what we are going after are things that don’t matter at all.

Wake up people, for tomorrow will always be warmer than today; more people will die from wars; more bombs; more murders; more poor people; more technology advancement; no human progress; more hungry people; and you have a choice now to do something besides earn enough money to buy a bigger wider TV for the Euro Cup.

Do something. Awaken. I can only tell you the truth, but its up to you to realise.


Thinking For Yourself

We all go through different stages of an awakening at a point in our life. It’s better to give up a fucked up life now than later. For a man who takes his music seriously, here’s an excerpt of one of my favorite songs of all time.

“Yes there are two paths you can go by but in the long run,
There’s still time to change the road you’re on”
-Stairway to Heaven, Led Zeppelin

Imagine yourself listening to everyone and taking their advice. You might think you’re having a productive life. 40 years into your life when you’ve had lots of money and had kids, you might realise what you’ve never done something you want. Society does that to you. They narrow it down so their work is easier. An unstable society does not like change especially when the people on the top of the wealth chain are benefiting from you. Do you think of yourself as a free thinker, do you?

As I’ve been told, 20’s are for you to make mistakes and 30’s are for you to try to fix it. You should realise it sooner than later that you can try your best to change the world, but it is up to the listener to grasp what you’ve said and done and act on it for themselves. You’ll grow increasingly frustrated if you think it’s your responsibility to change the world because it isn’t easy. We never change; we only grow.

Before we speak for everyone, we need to know that we might have gotten ourselves out of a conundrum but not everyone can get out of it. Some are less privileged than others. The world was never equal and never will be. It is not a smart thing to fight for equality but to learn to live understanding the fact that we have to live with whatever has been pitched to us since birth. For life to have a balance, we need to compromise and understand each other. An argument does not solve anything. Sympathy doesn’t bring in change, but empathy does. Is the world empathising enough? It barely is.

A concrete jungle is a trap you will never get out of. It is a place where money is valued over anything else. We stop thinking about love and we feel it when we lose it. We cry when we are put in a grave circumstance for which we are responsible. Perhaps it is because we have lost communication with nature and the true essence of life that we are always sorrowful. I hope to do something about it and it is a path everyone must take. I might influence you or I may not, but I can guarantee you that the experience you have in following me will be different than the experience I’ve had.

Everything we see is how we perceive it and how we assimilate. Everything else is forgotten.

The bold and the brave

In a college with not so good teachers, I was lucky enough to meet to have an actually bold lecturer. Upon realising the fact that I had a real gem in my teacher, I updated my Facebook status saying, “The old are always right”. There were a bunch of likes and a reply from a cousin of mine from the US saying, “Not necessarily”. My brother was right. Even though my lecturers were a peach, some other people I thought were smart turns out not always right about everything they had to say.

I’ve decided that I will not do my masters because I’m not so desperate for a job. I do not think that doing my masters matters at all and is simply a burden to me. My cousins mom told me that his son was thinking of doing masters after he realised that he needs to study more to get a promotion which I didn’t believe, but in order to not start an argument, I simply shook my head. I couldn’t believe that a brother of mine who was smart enough to know that we’re stuck in a matrix would do such a foolish thing like studying masters just to get a promotion. I might not know him too well because he has been in the US ever since I can remember since my childhood, but he’s a man who knows how the system works. From him, I learned that education doesn’t matter, but potential, the right skills and hard work is what matters.

You cannot teach an old dog new tricks and I do not expect to change the minds of the older generation. To me, even if I do my masters, I will study something meaningful and which will help me understand life like arts or literature. Some might not be okay with this decision if I do go with it because I know they think it is useless and it doesn’t matter to me what they think because I will never know what its like to be under their skin and they will not understand me either.

So I know now, that even the wisest people can be right most of the time and yet not be right all the time. Situations can turn saints to sinners and I cannot budge into a system and become one of those worthless people trying to do everything for money. To me, happiness and achievement matters, butI will have it my own way. I have a part time job now which pays me in peanuts, but I’m’ glad about it because it comes close to and is a start to something I want to do. Life is beautiful, but you’ve got to know which moments to rejoice because to me, pleasure comes in so much simplicity, like mostly a conversation with someone wise or just a cup of tea with an old friend.

I hope someday the generation before me will realise that I’m not one for trying to enjoy a life of luxury because I know that money will never be able to buy me happiness. I take it as my duty to make it possible for young people to realise their dreams, that there is more to life than just the excerpts of spending money. I hope I can convince people to live because I’m trying to do that, but the disappointing fact is that even those on my side do not understand me. But never mind, I have every confidence in me that I’ll figure out life, which as a matter of fact is beautiful.


“We are all here on earth to help others; what on earth the others are here for I don’t know.”

I’m just an ordinary man trying to find a way to make this world a better place. As for making my world a better place, I’ve got my angels.

In trying to find the meaning of life, I’ve figured out that materialism is the things that least work out. The purpose of my life is to make this world a better place which is home to everyone living and dead; animal and plants; friends and foes; family and stranger. I don’t have a lot of friends, but those here with me are worth keeping close to myself.

Some simply tell me I write well when it’s horse-shit. Some simply like my tweets. Some stay by my side when I’m deeply broken inside. Some smile and make tea for me. Some pull me by the arms to take a selfie. Some simply give me a call. Some bring me gifts every time we meet after a long time. Some change the playlist when I’m around to play the songs I like. Some care about mother nature. Some enlighten me with their words. Some motivate me. Some are simply nice. Some simply write poems to brighten up my day. Some simply say it’s okay. Some say it’s time for me to go to bed and say goodnight. They can just exist and make me smile.

They simply care.

They’re close to me and they’re far. Some I’ve seen and some I don’t know when I’ll meet. They’re not there for me every time, but they’re there for me when I need them to be. They’re selfless and they listen. They make a normal day extraordinary. They show me that love is all you need.

Talking about assholes, it’s best not to be one. There’s no place for selfish people.

Try to make a difference, try to be the difference. Make this world a better place for you, me and everyone sharing the world as it is. Be human and become somebody’s angel. Share your stories and give them hope. Be honest and polite. Be good and be yourself. Make their day because true happiness presents itself when you share.

Let them know that they’ve made the difference.

Picture by Jonathan Kos-Read via @flickr