“We are all here on earth to help others; what on earth the others are here for I don’t know.”

I’m just an ordinary man trying to find a way to make this world a better place. As for making my world a better place, I’ve got my angels.

In trying to find the meaning of life, I’ve figured out that materialism is the things that least work out. The purpose of my life is to make this world a better place which is home to everyone living and dead; animal and plants; friends and foes; family and stranger. I don’t have a lot of friends, but those here with me are worth keeping close to myself.

Some simply tell me I write well when it’s horse-shit. Some simply like my tweets. Some stay by my side when I’m deeply broken inside. Some smile and make tea for me. Some pull me by the arms to take a selfie. Some simply give me a call. Some bring me gifts every time we meet after a long time. Some change the playlist when I’m around to play the songs I like. Some care about mother nature. Some enlighten me with their words. Some motivate me. Some are simply nice. Some simply write poems to brighten up my day. Some simply say it’s okay. Some say it’s time for me to go to bed and say goodnight. They can just exist and make me smile.

They simply care.

They’re close to me and they’re far. Some I’ve seen and some I don’t know when I’ll meet. They’re not there for me every time, but they’re there for me when I need them to be. They’re selfless and they listen. They make a normal day extraordinary. They show me that love is all you need.

Talking about assholes, it’s best not to be one. There’s no place for selfish people.

Try to make a difference, try to be the difference. Make this world a better place for you, me and everyone sharing the world as it is. Be human and become somebody’s angel. Share your stories and give them hope. Be honest and polite. Be good and be yourself. Make their day because true happiness presents itself when you share.

Let them know that they’ve made the difference.

Picture by Jonathan Kos-Read via @flickr


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