The bold and the brave

In a college with not so good teachers, I was lucky enough to meet to have an actually bold lecturer. Upon realising the fact that I had a real gem in my teacher, I updated my Facebook status saying, “The old are always right”. There were a bunch of likes and a reply from a cousin of mine from the US saying, “Not necessarily”. My brother was right. Even though my lecturers were a peach, some other people I thought were smart turns out not always right about everything they had to say.

I’ve decided that I will not do my masters because I’m not so desperate for a job. I do not think that doing my masters matters at all and is simply a burden to me. My cousins mom told me that his son was thinking of doing masters after he realised that he needs to study more to get a promotion which I didn’t believe, but in order to not start an argument, I simply shook my head. I couldn’t believe that a brother of mine who was smart enough to know that we’re stuck in a matrix would do such a foolish thing like studying masters just to get a promotion. I might not know him too well because he has been in the US ever since I can remember since my childhood, but he’s a man who knows how the system works. From him, I learned that education doesn’t matter, but potential, the right skills and hard work is what matters.

You cannot teach an old dog new tricks and I do not expect to change the minds of the older generation. To me, even if I do my masters, I will study something meaningful and which will help me understand life like arts or literature. Some might not be okay with this decision if I do go with it because I know they think it is useless and it doesn’t matter to me what they think because I will never know what its like to be under their skin and they will not understand me either.

So I know now, that even the wisest people can be right most of the time and yet not be right all the time. Situations can turn saints to sinners and I cannot budge into a system and become one of those worthless people trying to do everything for money. To me, happiness and achievement matters, butI will have it my own way. I have a part time job now which pays me in peanuts, but I’m’ glad about it because it comes close to and is a start to something I want to do. Life is beautiful, but you’ve got to know which moments to rejoice because to me, pleasure comes in so much simplicity, like mostly a conversation with someone wise or just a cup of tea with an old friend.

I hope someday the generation before me will realise that I’m not one for trying to enjoy a life of luxury because I know that money will never be able to buy me happiness. I take it as my duty to make it possible for young people to realise their dreams, that there is more to life than just the excerpts of spending money. I hope I can convince people to live because I’m trying to do that, but the disappointing fact is that even those on my side do not understand me. But never mind, I have every confidence in me that I’ll figure out life, which as a matter of fact is beautiful.


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