It’s been a month now that I’ve been working for WAVE and I can finally call myself a writer.  My other blog is doing okay and now I’m curious about what I’m actually planning to do for the rest of my life.

I didn’t want to call myself a journalist, but now I am a journalist. I wanted to one of those guys who would bring forward his new philosophy, but I’m afraid I’m too confused about it myself. The best thing, for now, would be to meet new people and hear their stories. They’re interesting, heartbreaking and always unexpected.

Perhaps it will take some time for me to start a youth revolution, but that’s my aim in life, to lead the country with youths who care about more than money and power. This year won’t be as horrible as the past two years of my life. The secret to my writing is misery and dissatisfaction. Now I’m totally satisfied with my life because I’ve met people with many horrible stories than mine. I was just an adolescent who had everything, but still very unsatisfied. I met real people with real miseries, and that was enough for me to realise how gifted I am. The earthquake didn’t do me any bad at all compared to how unfair it has been to many people. Life is unpredictable.

It’s like someone famous once said, “Life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans”. It’s also what Anu dijju said, “It’s about crossing out what you’re not meant for, not ticking what you want to go after”.

I’ve become too lazy these days, but I can’t change the fact that my writings get too long for apparently no reason. Still putting my followers to sleep, I am. Talking like Yoda. Rewatching the Matrix trilogy. It’s a halt and a waste of my good potentials, but I have hope of finding my way. I’ll find the one to change my life and find my inspiration.

As for now,

Money sucks. Love is all you need.

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