The Macbook Story

I know you won’t bother asking me why I bought this second hand Macbook for such a high price and call me stupid even before I try to explain, but it’s okay and I totally understand.

If you’re a Nepali you will understand the price. I bought a second hand Macbook Air for 1 while I could have ordered an another brother of mine coming to Nepal from the US  to bring a new one to me for 1.25, but I didn’t. I’ll tell you why. The brother from whom I bought this Macbook is someone I care for and thats why. He’s had small jobs for quite some time and now he has a son with no solid earning foundation.

He had told me he had plans to open a clothing store but he had no money. I know I’m the decades younger brother here, but I knew I could help him by buying his Macbook which is only a luxury for him, so I bought it at a high price because he needed that money. I care about my brother and thats why I bought it. He’s been there for me in some of my most memorable moments as a kid so yes, why not give him a heads up to start his business. He’s doing fine now. He opened a shop as he had planned. It’s a cute little shop which he opened by partnering with one his friends in Naya Bazar, and its in walking distance. Honestly speaking, I don’t visit him s much because I’m usually busy but I know the business is doing good. It’s still new and more people are still trying to locate the place but its cool.

I don’t know if he knows what I’ve done for him but he is grateful that I could provide him some extra funds to open his shop. He’s my brother and we’re connected by blood, we don’t say we love each other, we show.

Goa head, make somebody life. I try it to do it everyday.


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