Meeting rebels

Just as I thought I was alone in this world, I got a company of some pretty decent strangers with a bigger and broader idea of the cruel world. We got a big hole to fix.

Turns out the truth is mostly shrudded in the bewilderment. We cannot hear everyone’s voices. We think it’s a sensible thing that we see change and that the government is finally bring some positivity, but there’s a lot of harm done. We live in an ecosystem where a change in one factor affects another and governments are ruthless when it comes to making decisions and not considering the minority.

In engaging in conversations with an ordinary Nepali, I realised how big of a stereotype I was. These ordinary people dream big. They want to travel all over Nepal, not the world. This is patriotism. They loath the influence of West which I am heavily inspired by. What they’ve got to say are real honest opinions of how they’ve seen their country change from a heavenly tourist destination to something miserable.

Listening to them, it doesn’t feel like going back to Kathmandu but I have to get back. I guess I’ve changed my mind on what I want from life. I’d love to in live some place quiet and calm where people are not greedy and what they care about is their passion to save and revitalise dying dreams. Do the youths care about what really matters? Does spending half your life trying to get quality education and a decent job does anything good for the country?

It would be best if youths realised that it’s time to step up from trying to bring small changes in the country, because what we need is a massive revolution. If youths like you and me are going to foreign countries to learn the culture of other countries, we are letting the negative influence diminish what is left of our beautiful country. We need to step up, take a gigantic leap. Perhaps it’s time for everyone to learn that peace is difficult to find when our world is run by greed.

So how do I execute my master plan? Every kid should start a blog. Everyone must share an idea and stop taking credit for themselves. We don’t live alone or for self prestige. We live in a community where we must teach children is the revolution that running away is not the answer to a better world. The West have realised how the needle has done the damage and they’re trying to fix it, preserve their culture but we are still trying to turn our country into one of those no good urban society.

Big buildings, more malls, online shopping, modern cars, power plants and what not, are these really the sign if an improved civilisation? Do we desire to destroy our culture to feel the comfort in turning ourselves into what we are not? The golden ages have long been gone but we can still try to conserve what is left and stop youths from uprooting ourselves from what we are.

We should try to understand why Western people come to Nepal. It’s not the city but what lies in what’s a normal Nepali have not undiscovered. We fail to see how beautiful and gifted our country is and we have no appreciation of what it means to us. People shed a lot is blood in the past to claim these lands as ours and we don’t sweat to save what is left of it. We can’t be ignorant and we need to forget going after a dream that only benefit oneself.

Dreaming big is saving the young people from falling into the booby trap set by false standards. We don’t need education if we are not taught common sense and we ignore what really matters. It you and me brother and sister who are left in this world to settle this. It’s never too late to begin, but the more we wait, the worse.

Gather around all you clowns, we’re rebels with a cause.


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