Where I belong

I can feel the correspondence of the hot blowing wind and the current of the river. Moments like these don’t come so often. It’s not the absence of this situation, but my disappearance into a world that doesn’t matter.

Here I am carefree sitting on a rock, wondering why I was born in the city. Coming out of the valley is liberation. I’m outside the matrix of human creation. Nature speaks, I listen, and I owe my life to it. This river has always been here and I’ve noticed it after 21 years.

From where I’m sitting right now, I can see people cooking with fireworks. So primitive, yet so beautiful. At least it’s got the essence of life. They strive everyday to survive, these people in the woods. Their life will never be as complicated as ours and they’re satisfied folks. The smiles of these people simply mesmerise¬†me. Their life couldn’t be better.

It’s not only fools and sages that teach you a lesson, we can learn plenty from this river. It doesn’t dry up because it’s consistent and humans haven’t interfered. Everything humans touch turn to rocks. They’re killing it. I so wanna live in the country side, where we live without spoiling other people’s lives.

This used to be my father’s home once upon a time, but he chose the road most traveled. I know he would love to be back again. I would revel myself. Here by the river and between forests, it sure feels like home.

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