Month: July 2016

The fake CV

The people who ridicule me for the things I cannot do do not of the things I can do.

For a moment I forgot that arguing with a fool only makes two, and yes I regret lashing at these people who are so confident of themselves and so very wrong. People, people, people, if your CV reflects what you really are, then it must be as thick as a 19th-century novel.

Let me talk about my CV for a bit; though I’m not gonna upload it. I’ve passed by B.Sc. in Computing with a 52%. I should say the marks I’ve earned does not reflect my true abilities. I know that I’ve stolen bits from people, and also the fact that I’ve underperformed in most of my modules; all actually. This achievement on my CV will remain the same, it doesn’t change and well, it does not mind not mentioning the things I’ve learned from activities like interacting with people, giving someone lessons, online learning that remained incomplete, things that came to my dreams or any other invisible daily regular and irregular activities. My CV is totally a wrong representation of me.

My CV would have reflected better if it came with an asterisk that says, “Brilliant but lazy”. I can say that about way too many people. The most intelligent people I know either have double/triple masters or have no degree at all. The people who still rely on CV are surely misled. How can a perfectly legal CV be an evidence of the skills that are presented to it and be sure it’s not fake? Where do I put the information and what I’ve learned from watching YouTube, reading books, magazines, deep conversations with people, the overthinking, the dreaming, the sleeping, the wandering, the insomniac thoughts, the thought under the moonlight, the shower thoughts, some philosophers advice, the flashback memory, the deciphering a puzzle after years, the learning from mistakes, the learning from heartbreak, from failure, from pain, and from Reddit, Quora or a comment on social media?

Trust me, if you really wanna know me, you will have to see me, feel me, talk to me and observe. Test results can vary according to mood, and CV’s can literally be fake. We learn more from the universe by experience and observation which is not necessarily evident on a piece of paper, or a PDF file, or a web link. I have no intentions of ever looking into someone’s CV. There will be people you will be hiring just because they want money. You cannot truly know people’s commitment, loyalty, honesty, when they’ll kick you in the crotch and think of all the stuff devils would do. Trying to build a CV is trying to limit innovation. Trying to build a CV is trying to impress someone. If only it was a fair way of comparison, one could trust a CV. The new era is a generation where it is all skill-based. Those who hire people on a CV basis are likely to fall for falsification. The best candidate on paper is certainly not the best candidate for the post unless it is clearly evident from their overqualified CV. As for me, I know I’m so much better than my CV and the skills I’ve been endorsed for on LinkedIn is totally my friends overestimating me, sending me their love or just a way of trading endorsement.

Come on people, why submit a CV when you feel it can let you down. You know for certain don’t you that someone else will have a much more embellished CV because of their diligent efforts to try to suit them for the job. Don’t fall for jobs via a CV, the 20th-century invention. Showcase your skills. Show your true ability. Trust yourself. Let the people know you for who you are.



I’d been a sad little sod a while back when it felt like I didn’t have any friends anymore, but it turns out they were away on their on expeditions while I was on mine.

The friends you’ve had when you were growing up are a bunch that’s gonna stick around for some time. You can spend hours talking about useless shit and the good times of the past. Well, some are assholes who remain out of contact when we try so hard to initiate a phone conversation but believe me when I tell you that they’re as glad to meet you when you finally get together. I’ve been an introvert and I don’t speak too much but today I didn’t feel like one of them. Today I was a confident person, speaking at will, being mocked, mocking others, recalling the shit that happened so many years ago and it turns out I’ve not forgotten any moment of those childhood days. Now to recall, my school days don’t feel so sad anymore because I have this useless bunch with whom I can just hang around and do some mischief when in town.

I always wanted friends who were on the same page as I am in but we never really were in one. We’re in different walks of life, even right now when I’m trying to settle my life and they’ve still not started doing anything. I’ve learned so much in their absence but I really want folks with whom I can hang around when I know I could have used that valuable time to read a book, but friends are as important as my career. No one wants a funeral where none of their friends are present, do they? I still have a young image of my friends who now have beards and bikes. I will always be able to recall those small moments of school when we were mindless hooligans doing such silly stuff, trying to act cool. We were a menace to our teachers who had a hard time trying to keep kids in control because we never had a purpose besides having fun. Those days were wicked. I recall all the silly things we did back then that has become such a strong memory. All it takes is us getting back on a table and were back to our barbarian selves, speaking in a loud voice and being so inconsiderate that there could be kids overhearing stories they shouldn’t hear.

I’m glad always now that I’m not alone in this selfish pecking-every-pound-from-the-pocket world. There are people I can still rely on. How I wish we’d come up with a plan to start a business as friends, like open a restaurant where we can hang all day without having to pay. We really need a crib where we can crash in and meet up with each other. I really felt bad about myself today cause I don’t even eat meat or drink beer anymore, but it’s okay to still have a personal interest different from the group. Perhaps I’ll be the guy taking the embarrassing video when even is drunk as fuck.

Well, I have my new friends too and they’re young and smart ones. The important thing is that I treat everyone equally because we are all special in our own majestic way. It just happens that friends lose touch because we have different interests. All my friends are into their different fields and the people I’ve met in mine are interesting people who help me more ahead with my goals. To me, from today, everyone is a top priority and perhaps it’s time to abolish the anguish of past memories.

I love these assholes though they live far, far away but they’re not settled there. They’ll be back. It’s just a year till everyone begins to flood back to the country with their exquisite and excruciating stories and I’m eager to hear them.

It’s a beautiful world when you know you’re not alone.


You’ll have impossible ideas and people will ridicule you. These are the kind of people who don’t believe in magic.

I’ve been stubborn, taken things my own way and not succeed. This does not mean I was wrong; at least not every time, it means I’ve been doing it wrong. I believe in all the filmy crap because it happened in an imaginary world. If you can imagine, you can work it out. The thing thats gonna trouble you is how. Find a way because you cannot depend on anyone or anything to show up to assist you or show you the way. Trust in yourself because you’re the only one whos gonna be there for you when no one believes you. You create your miracles.

Live in a world of fiction. Imagine happy moments and you’ll be happy. Dream a dream where there’s no war and where there’s love in the air. Dream till it’s possible.