Month: October 2016


Never returned his diamonds
What price a star without a sparkle
Creating a sensation that we’ve heard
From the other star ad infunitum
Creating the right sort of splash with what you say is an art form
For the rich, beautiful and famous
For a girl who wants to be a star on her own horizon
But somehow when stardom strikes
The witty remarks suddenly disappear
Written all over some would say
Behind the stars there’s a history
Behind every carefully chosen word
Here’s what you can learn from the bling
From their sensational selves
We’ve heard this of course
They’ve all mouthed their chestnut at some point
If there’s a wedding right now
Will you speculate about its future?
The same goes for who’s not too sure
Some folks like to keep matters of the heart close to the heart
That working round the clock
Wearing your heart on your sleeve
Letting your eyes follow your affection
Expecting nobody to find out
That a certain someone has become rather special
‘Just friends’ do not gaze soulfully into each other’s eyes