Month: November 2016

Table Talks

Oh these days they’re really short
They pass by without me getting anything done
Sometimes in the noon I’d like to meet my friends
Or perhaps go somewhere silent and read a book
But every noon I’m stuck in a room
With tables, chairs and blue-tinted windows
Confined in a space where I’m far away from trees
There’s life around but there’s nothing I can feel
I ponder why there’s so much noise
I need the wilderness to get me a voice
Though I know I’m working on my dream
It’s not as pretty as I thought it would be
I need to settle somewhere far, far away
So I can feel love and day-dream
Because the urban life is not what I want
I’d never revel in this vicinity
Though this is the most beautiful city in the world
I seldom move around and give my ancestors a bow
What a wonderful world they have built
What a shame there’s no prettiness in what we build
There’s no beauty in this modern world, it’s only technology
And man-made rules so tight and cruel
Somewhere, something went wrong
But it’s a world that needs saving
I don’t think we need a drastic change
I just want us to live more and love more