Born in this wretched planet

We all have a choice to become capitalists or to enlighten ourselves. We all have a chance to follow education or to follow Pink Floyd. We can chose to be free or become corporate slaves. There’s comfort in one, rebellion in the other.

It isn’t my fault that I am born different. We’ve been brought up in a world with competition where those who do not compete can never stand up. I hate competition. I always avoid it. I hate having to prove myself to someone and the embarrassment of losing. If I win, the system wins. I do not need to prove anyone that I’m worthy. I only need to prove myself that I’m right about what I’m doing. We’re born in a wretched planet where only profit matters.  If the world was governed by love, then we would find happiness. Money, it’s a gas.

For those who do not yet know the purpose of life, “We are born so that we can leave this world a better place”. I’m playing my part and if it was just me, I think I’ve made this world better. I’ve done smalls bits to save lives of animals, plants and insects. I’ve done small bits to bring smile on peoples faces. I’ve tried to improve the standard of life of strangers. I’ve educated people and given them advices. Understand happiness. You cannot share a smile with a mirror. It takes two. Lets start with me and you. 🙂

I hate how mishandled our planet is. We’ve lost our way with nature. We’re born in a concrete jungle with minds of savages. Until we don’t realise that the whole is greater than the sum, we will keep searching for happiness in the wrong places. Love is divine. Hope can be shredded, fate disoriented, bonds can be broken, but it cannot be stolen. It is was to destroy than to mend, but the purpose of life is to spread the love. There is no better feeling than love. The devils advocate governs the world and we must unite to render them useless. Money cannot buy happiness, but it can buy you grief. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

I’m losing this fight because I’m all alone. I know there are more people like me in the shadows, waiting for the right opportunity but it will not come to your doorsteps. If following your dreams was easy, everyone one would be thrilled. It’s the gain after pain that really counts. Come on people, we need to learn to give society a send off and start our own religion. We believe in humanity, don’t we?

Join hands to make this world a better place than it ever was.


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