Month: June 2017

My life

Took my time to grow 

Into a human being I needed

To run away from

– Abish, Dimple, just.a.myth 



Hills see everything

But their own breath underneath

Betrays the eyes

-Abish, just.a.myth, Reevaham

A deeper understanding

You probably pity me my brother and I pity you. If there’s something I’ve learned in the past couple of years, it’s that the elders are not necessarily the wiser because many of us are mislead.

I know you care about me but you’re bringing me down. Just because you topped the class in college doesn’t make you smarter. If I have to label you anything, I’d call you an intelligent fool because you know so much but you do not understand the fact that we live in two different worlds. You have decided to flee to the US and work. I do not hold those ambitions, not unless it’s for the greater good of society. I feel sorry for you following the mainstream path of getting an education and getting a job.

I understand why education is important and I have my alternatives for not getting a degree at the moment. To me, knowledge is important, not a certificate. I know how I can get to the point better than you have reached. I know this because you have not seen the world. How do I know this? To start with, you have no respect for what I am doing. Nothing I do will ever seem right unless I do it your way. If only you could get yourself out of the corporate world and see right through to the real world, you would know how to live.

You’re blinded by the fact that you earn so much there. What you are doing is worthless and you are replaceable. You’re a corporate slave doing what you do to find a place in place in a competitive society, not trying to bring the change that is needed. You’re a drone bee and I do not intend my life to be that way. I have choices to make and figure out ways of how I can light up tomorrow. Sitting in a chair and following orders is not something I’m too compatible with. Though I lack experience, I know my potential, and the things I can do and I cannot. You, on the other hand, have been too far away to understand the lives we live here. You are finding comfort in creating someone else’s country and with your lack of innovation, you will not find anything worth doing here. You have set yourself in a trap. You might possess the skills that a first world country needs, but no one here is ready to pay you for the reputation you hold in the land of opportunities which I won’t be surprised if you call it a home. For someone who has already set a different mentality, I do not want you to come back and mess me around with the reputation you have earned by fixing someone else’s  problem.

Grow up brother. See reality as it is. I’ll work on what I’m best at and what I’m doing should not bother you. What your family has done for me is not the same as what you have done for me. You have no manners and you are trying to do something to feel good about yourself by taking away my freedom. If you have no respect for me, I hold no respect for you either. Don’t show me the silver lining of your life because I will not be happy following your path. Find yourself. You are out in your own thoughts. Only you can save yourself. I hope you figure out that there is more in this world than just money. It isn’t entirely power and it will never be my happiness.