The fool

It goes both ways

Of that I’m sure

Some don’t realise

And I was one of them

For you would cry I know

A river would flow in tears

Because some things take time

And sometimes all you need to do

Is look at what you’ve been through

To realise how beautiful

Our moments have been

That if life would end

The other would suffer much more pain

Some people mean more than others

And you to me are my jewel

The beauty others don’t recognise

The understanding others cannot have

Thoughts you thought you couldn’t share

The laughter and the care

The hugs held close to the heart

And every moment that we share

I am a fool for I did not realise

That you’ve always had me in your mind

That my sadness is as much yours

The burden and grief you’d carry for me

For life is endless and people change

But we’ll live enough to see it through

For life is long and people we forget

But love stays and we bury regrets

You to me are too precious

And I know I am to you

You to me are the most beautiful

And though I’ve tried hard to get way

Some bonds are too strong to break

Love goes two ways

Of that I’m sure

And we will never let go


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