The disappearing madness and the appearance of enlightenment

I thought I’d never get out of the gravity of depression but I’m getting out of it and it ironically kind of makes me sad. I think I’ve lived in this crazy state for too long and getting out of this mental illness feels weird.

Knowing that someone else has a worse story than yours and taking comfort from it kind of makes me feel guilty. I think it is knowing the sadder stories of others and getting my personal freedom which has helped me better understand the world. It isn’t too crooked if you understand how the world really works. Getting to know more about the world and filling in the curiously with logic and evidence has helped me realise that I’ve been crying over spilled milk for a really long time. Taking some time off and trying to understand yourself understanding as well as the world around you will talk some  sense into you and you will get out of the unnecessary trouble you keep getting yourself into. Once you understand the why’s, it is easier to live the sane life.

This month, I got rid of a lot of baggage I’d held with me. I’ve sorted out what things I’ve considered important in life were liabilities I’d held on to for too long. An important thing I’ve understood is that you cannot talk sense into everyone. They have their own learning curve and their own opinions. Because we all have a different perspective from living in a different environment or growing up differently, you cannot change everyone. Not everything will make sense to people and often ignorance is bliss. Next time you start arguing, know if you’re doing to stand dominant or to teach the other person a lesson. There is no point in arguing with fools or even listening to them. Some people will hurt you and friends will turn into foes, but remember that it is not your fault that you shoved people away when what you wanted to do was bring a change.

It’s not everyday that something exciting is happening and you learn new things. At times, you should just take time to read a good book, become a critic and question your own philosophies. I’ve realised that there are people close to me, who are on the same page and I didn’t even realise. Its better late than never that you get along with people who think like you and get rid of those who don’t get what you’re saying. A flexible mind is of utter importance and those not ready to unlearn the things they’ve held with them for a long time are running into a brick wall. Only luck can save those who do not plan on carving their thoughts to share it the way the modern world runs. As for now, it’s not my woe to worry about those left behind because there are way too many lessons to learn in life and you cannot save anyone from the detrimental ideologies holding them behind.

You can’t call a person for selfish for not carrying you along the way. Everybody’s experience is unique and perhaps there are plenty of things I do not understand about the world and the universe still has plenty to teach me. Right now, I’ll be glad if someone comes along and proves me wrong about anything because I’d learn from it. Its time to see both side of the story, analyse and go ahead with what makes more sense to my situation. And taking about luck, I think I’ve taken the wrong train to a place I want to be.


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