What football taught me about loyalty

This need, this greed, this feeling of remorse that I could have taken a better decision has haunted me more than anything else. I put myself under this circumstances. I made a decision and now I see what it would have been like if I’d taken the other road. For a while, it felt like I was between the devil and the deep blue seas, but things have eased now. I’ve made a choice which I felt has pelted me, but I feel fine now. I’m not confused anymore. I’m glad I made the decision to stay and it disgusts me that the thought to leave ever occurred. I’ll tell you a little something about loyalty that football has taught me.

Being a fan of Tottenham Hotspur is hard. The best Spurs players in recent years have left for bigger clubs. It was sad to see players like Michael Carrick and Dimitar Berbatov leave for Manchester United, and Luka Modric and Gareth Bale leave for Real Madrid. I understand that they left for a better team, but I wished they’d stay. I always wished that these players would dream the same dreams I had, but they had other plans; bigger plans per se. It disheartened me when they left but I’d told myself, “If such situations ever come, I’ll show the world loyalty”. It is hard knowing that your life could have been better if you had left your place and settled somewhere else, but I’m rather glad I’m having to face this situation where I can prove my loyalty and show the world that love is all you need. I cannot settle for somewhere better and leave the people who surround me and who nurtured me. I can’t leave my home and people I call family.

Everyone admires someone like Steven Gerrard who spent his entire career at Liverpool from his days as a teenager to the point he couldn’t fit into the club’s plans. Everyone applauds him, the hero of Anfield. There were times at the club where he made wonders happen. It must have been hard for him to see players like Fernando Torres and Luis Suarez leave for a better place where he could have settled as well, but he stayed, never having any second thoughts. Only a few people will forever remain in people’s hearts and he is such a person. He could have fitted into any team in the world, but Steven Gerrard never left Liverpool. We all applaud him, but did we learn anything from him? Well, I’ve learned something called loyalty. He could have left for any team in the world that would pay him well and win trophies with them, but he stayed for the fan and at a place where he comparatively won almost nothing but won the hearts of the people, not just Liverpool fans but everyone.

How I wish that everyone was as understanding and had a clear heart to comprehend that you will never grow bigger than the place you grew up in. If you’ve got a place you look back and feel sad, it’s probably because you were lured into something and you abandoned your place. You know you were selfish to leave even though it was for your benefit. I know it’s necessary to grow, but love never dies and leaving home will haunt you always. My friends and family are safe with me and I’d rather be betrayed than betray. People need to learn how to settle and stay loyal. Don’t let someone else sway away with your happiness. Stay with your heart and live a life just as you imagined.

Never leave home.


Premier League Fantasy Football Tips

If you’re into fantasy football, this is the article for you to get some extra points in your fantasy team. I’ll try to cover my tactics and ways to enhance your fantasy team.

Tips to Picking your team:

  1. Choose one player from each club (at most two)
  2. Do not have a strong bench unless you have a strong starting lineup already
  3. Do not have defenders and goalkeepers as your captains
  4. Be careful of having multiple defenders and goalkeepers of the same team, one goal conceded blows clean sheet points for both
  5. Pick players that play regularly, even on bench
  6. Pick players that are certain of a place in the starting lineup
  7. Have set-piece takers in your team
  8. Look for clinical finishers in strikers for goals, and hat-tricks
  9. Look for playmakers in midfield for assists
  10. Look for the combination of set-piece takers, playmakers and clinical finishers in a player
  11. Be active every week to replace long term injured players or make manual subs
  12. Put injured or doubtful players in the bench to prevent from substitution
  13. Have a goalkeeper of a good team if defenders of good teams are expensive, which usually are
  14. Have a good first choice goalkeeper and a playing normal team keeper for backup
  15. Do not have central defensive midfielders
  16. Find defenders in that play as midfielders, they’ll have better chances of assist and goals than defenders
  17. Have wing backs that are attacking defenders, that usually come up with assists
  18. Have central defenders good at attacking in corners
  19. Check for top players for goals and assists, transfer them as soon as possible after a good game if you plan on having them in your team before the price rise
  20. Opt for maximum strikers (3) or max midfield (5) and minimum defenders (3)
  21. Pick cheaper defender of a good defending team for clean sheet points
  22. Check out for players bringing bonus every week to pick for your team
  23. Check form of players team before making transfers
  24. Check fixture of team before making transfers
  25. Trust teams not in top half if they are in a good run of form and select their best player
  26. Do not make too many changes in your fantasy, the free transfer can be saved for further game weeks
  27. Use your perks Bench Boost, All Attack and Triple Captain for double game week
  28. Look for player history against the teams in the past to see which team they are most likely to score against
  29. Pick players if they have a game against a team in bad form
  30. Try avoiding aggressive players prone to red card as it brings negative points and misses the next match
  31. Sub or transfer players in bad form
  32. Wait for international breaks to end to make transfer to sub players injured in international break
  33. Do not be afraid to transfer players more than free transfer numbers even though each transfer will deduct 4 points, though not making too many changes as the deduction adds up to a huge sum
  34. Use Wildcard when necessary if you need to make too many transfers, be it the first week
  35. Do not use the transfer season wildcard unless necessary
  36. Wait for newly transferred players to gel in before putting them in you team
  37. Stalk teams to see what players they have benefited from
  38. Check the dream team and try to include players in it
  39. Choose players in hot form trying to avoid the relegation battle
  40. Try to use your head above heart for selection
  41. Stats don’t lie so check history in player info for selection
  42. Choose the most reliable striker or midfielder who performs every week who are high in confidence and in a good scoring or assisting run for long run captain
  43. Do not lose interest midway through the season if you want to be in the top of your fantasy group

Scout players yourself by watching the games and highlights. I know it’s hard to enjoy the game when you have a fantasy team but try to enjoy anyway. Here’s my tip and if you take it really seriously and want to go in depth by comparing stats and stuff like that, try

Best of luck.

Cheers coach.