Admit the fact that we’re all stupid. Everyone is stupid but some people are more stupid than others.

There will always be people with a better experience than you have. Even if you’re the best in the world at something, it doesn’t guarantee you everything. If you’re good at something, you probably know all the tricks in the book. When something new comes up, you’ll always have trouble. Though this is a bad advice, always question the experts. Trust me, there is always more than one way to do a thing. Some people are not as creative and they’ll not get what you’re doing. There are some things who learn by the books while there are other things we learn from mistakes. The important thing is that you learn and if people humiliate you for not knowing something, show them who has the last laugh.

Competitions will get the best out of you but some fights are not worth the challenge. Choose wisely when you’re making an argument. Sometimes you seem to lose because of others opinion in which case you still have the last laugh. After all, the world is full of imbeciles.

And they almost devoured me

I always feared this moment: the moment I’d turn myself into someone else. But I know where I came from and that I should keep both my feet on the ground. I was born to serve and serve I will; to make this world a more liveable.

As I just watched the movie Parched, I felt an obligation to bring the much-needed change that society needs. We all know of the social evils that society accepts. People who have made rules loathe change but change is important. Everything that is new might sound strange, might not ring bells or go easy on the ear, but with time we need to know of the greater evils accepted by our society. To stand alone in a crowd with your moral obligations will be frightening and you might be shredded into pieces for standing up, but you should do the right thing and challenge societal norms if they are primitive and unreasonable. Nepalese might have all the wealth in the world, but they’re not civil yet. As Aristotle puts it, ‘There’s no point in educating the mind without educating the heart.’

Let us all be good human being and live outside of our jobs for a while. A busy schedule that makes you work like a machine will make you forget your responsibilities of being a human being. We learned to live in a community millenniums ago but we’ve forgotten to live. We live in an age where everybody is so busy trying to make a living that they forget to live their lives. What good is the money you earn if your hard work only brings a smile on you face? If you really want to be happy, know that happiness grows when it’s shared. Be the reason for a smile on somebody’s face and do this every day. Let someone know that there are good people in this world who have arms wide open and filled with love for strangers whom they did not know even exist. Provide someone with some assistance and get them out of a pickle. Make their burden yours. There’s no point in sleeping over a pile of money. There’s no point in getting drunk every Friday night for pleasure. There’s no need to be disciplined by society and turn you into a slave in this corporate wold. Live free with an open mind and clean heart. Live to serve humanity. Live to love.
And I really hope that someday someone we will get rid of all our miseries. I know life is tough with pharmaceutical companies, arms dealers , and unethical bankers and businessmen, but there are some of us who are ethical too. It’s okay to be frustrated knowing the fact that we’ve been let down by the very people who care about us, but it’s not their fault that they aren’t enlightened. It is out fault if we know that change is needed but we do not act on it. It is up to us to show the world that it can be all rainbows and butterflies if we wish for it. Spread the love, bring the change. Be ethical and prosper in what is rightfully yours.
The way we can change the world is by empathy. Learn the reason for our existence. We live on a planet that we commonly share. The only way to live is in harmony. Throw away your vanity. Throw away your clothes and go skinny-dipping in the river. Know that there is so much the world has to offer. Live the life you’ve always dreamed of. Dream big, dream right, dream for a prosperous tomorrow.


Born in this wretched planet

We all have a choice to become capitalists or to enlighten ourselves. We all have a chance to follow education or to follow Pink Floyd. We can chose to be free or become corporate slaves. There’s comfort in one, rebellion in the other.

It isn’t my fault that I am born different. We’ve been brought up in a world with competition where those who do not compete can never stand up. I hate competition. I always avoid it. I hate having to prove myself to someone and the embarrassment of losing. If I win, the system wins. I do not need to prove anyone that I’m worthy. I only need to prove myself that I’m right about what I’m doing. We’re born in a wretched planet where only profit matters.  If the world was governed by love, then we would find happiness. Money, it’s a gas.

For those who do not yet know the purpose of life, “We are born so that we can leave this world a better place”. I’m playing my part and if it was just me, I think I’ve made this world better. I’ve done smalls bits to save lives of animals, plants and insects. I’ve done small bits to bring smile on peoples faces. I’ve tried to improve the standard of life of strangers. I’ve educated people and given them advices. Understand happiness. You cannot share a smile with a mirror. It takes two. Lets start with me and you. 🙂

I hate how mishandled our planet is. We’ve lost our way with nature. We’re born in a concrete jungle with minds of savages. Until we don’t realise that the whole is greater than the sum, we will keep searching for happiness in the wrong places. Love is divine. Hope can be shredded, fate disoriented, bonds can be broken, but it cannot be stolen. It is was to destroy than to mend, but the purpose of life is to spread the love. There is no better feeling than love. The devils advocate governs the world and we must unite to render them useless. Money cannot buy happiness, but it can buy you grief. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

I’m losing this fight because I’m all alone. I know there are more people like me in the shadows, waiting for the right opportunity but it will not come to your doorsteps. If following your dreams was easy, everyone one would be thrilled. It’s the gain after pain that really counts. Come on people, we need to learn to give society a send off and start our own religion. We believe in humanity, don’t we?

Join hands to make this world a better place than it ever was.

Losing my religion

“All writers seem to be lost”

Stuck in a haze in middle age. Caressing my palms. Feeling the dryness of my lips. Flicking my tongue. Closing my eyes. Taking a deep breath. I’ve tipped off balance. I don’t know where I stand.

Silence can drive you with madness. They say you should surround yourself with good people. I surround myself with no one. I hate it how everyone is busy. I’m busy myself; it’s the biggest drag. I’m not just stuck in a maze, but I’m stuck between the devil and the deep blue seas. I cannot find me. It’s lost. It’s gone. I’ve become average. I’ve become what I’ve dreaded.

There was a time I used to be ignorant and I used to be happy. Hemingway was right. Happiness in intelligent people is the rarest thing. I pity that miserable bastard for the sarcastic comment on himself, but perhaps I’m one o them. In trying to save the world, I forgot I was only putting myself down. Why should I sacrifice myself when others do not even want to hear? I’d found hope a while ago, and now I’ve lost faith. I’m a nowhere man.
I cannot find happiness in ignorance. Where can I find it? Most people find it in religion and in my world, it does not exist. Maybe it is there in love, and every day I believe less in it. Some find it in greed which never worked for me. There only happiness in incomprehension, and I’ve become too smart to return to this phase. I cannot go back to stupidity and there is no way I can be sane.

Yesterday I fell in love with someone and today it faded away. When logic can explain everything, your world becomes binary. It’s either true or false. It either works or it won’t. There is no belief. There is no hope. Now I don’t believe in religion and I don’t believe in science. It’s something else that’s so beyond. I don’t know what. Being a sane person in this world is driving me into insanity. I find answers and I find its defects. Reality makes me weep. The world is an utter disappointment. I changed but the people didn’t. I tried to live, but they didn’t let me. The world has let me down. Its pulled the trigger with a smile on its face. You.. you there.. what have you done?

Yesterday caffeine worked. Nicotine before that. Alcohol too. Drugs never worked on me and spirituality made me believe, but it cannot always be present with me. I did all I can to battle addiction, but I only lost my mind. The more you learn, the less you know. The further one travels, the less one knows. If only listening to The Beatles solved everything. I’ve lost it all. I’ve become an alien. I think I’m the perfect example to be me, but I’m a weirdo to others. I plea not to follow me, because the lunatic is in my head. I know so much and I hate the fact that it makes me miserable.

I thought I’d discovered myself, but I’ve lost myself again. Can I play with madness? Can I deal with miracles? Will I find what I’m looking for or will I create the love machine? Will tomorrow be a better day than today? It certainly won’t because those who love society this way will revolt against change.