3 mistakes of my Life

The 3 Mistakes of my Life

  1. Following my dreams but not working on it
    Friends envy the fact that I follow my dreams but I’ve been poor on implementing the initial long term plan that I had. Perhaps I lack consistency because great ideas come consistently to my head making me lose focus on what I’d planned earlier and not working on my plans when I’m in the driving seat. I hope it’s not my laziness that’s kicked in and I do need to learn how to concentrate and manage time.
  2. Befriending people who let me down
    I’ve had a soft spot for people and loyalty has meant so much to me but in the end, people move on intentionally or unintentionally. Perhaps I’ve been forgiving people who do not deserve a second chance or sticking around people who have lower esteem than me. Not finding the people of my same intellectual level is drawing me down. Since no one has gone through life the way I have gone and have not had the great experience I have had, I’m poles apart from people I surround myself with. I’m surrounded by nice people who admire me and it gives me warmth, but I haven’t surrounded myself with people who can bring the best out of me.
  3. Not working on my talent and letting society get my nerves
    I was gifted an encyclopaedia as a kid so I had a natural nag of knowing things others wouldn’t know. I was good at computer games when personal computer was rare in the world. The one of the best guitarist, artist, photographer and boxer has agreed on making me their apprentice and I’ve accepted none of them. Though I have rebelled, I’ve still let society and routines take me on their mediocre path. Journalism has taught me things no other occupation or people could have taught me and I’ve not made the most out of it. I know I have great potential but without working on it, the talent will never be able to bring an outcome.