The Journey

Join me on this nihilistic journey to a modern day evolution where:

  1. Karma gets your revenge.
  2. Past mistakes do not matter.
  3. We don’t dwell on past achievements.
  4. It’s a crime not get the best out of yourself every time.
  5. We become independent as soon as we can.
  6. We do not underestimate anyone.
  7. Learn the difference between fear and respect.
  8. We consider following rules in art shadows creativity.
  9. We will never be somebody else.
  10. We do not regret.
  11. We accept change.
  12. We dream.
  13. We know right from wrong.
  14. The universe always wins.
  15. (Man made) Laws have flaws.
  16. We’ve stopped believing in god.
  17. We follow our dreams.
  18. Death is uncertain, and we fear not.
  19. We have love, faith and empathy.
  20. We give peace a chance.
  21. We are altruistic.
  22. We leave a legacy.