What I offer

“Beautiful minds inspire others.”

I’m rebellious and I feel theres a whole lot of wrong ideology in this modern world. What I can offer you is some motivation to make your world better.

In following me, I will walk you through ideas to make this world a better starting from yourself. I’m not fully awakened myself and what I can offer you is an idea of how to purify yourself. Start by forgiving yourself and living in the present. Don’t let the past echo you your griefs and failure. Start everything new.

What I can offer you is support if you think you are enlightening. I would be more than glad if you followed me, cause we can help each other out.

I will assist you in knowing the world better through observations and following the right idea. I certainly have my influences and at times though I lose hope, I still believe the worth is saving. If you want a voice to go against the rigid societal traditions, I am the person. The aim is not to live forever but to live a legacy. By living in a free world free of biases and a cache of unacceptable habits, we can bring a new world order.

We will be breaking rules if we feel it’s ridiculous. Let’s agree to the fact that the world would be a better place with comedians leading the world than politician cause we live to enjoy and live in harmony. Let’s not being bugged down by unnecessary things like money, selfishness and greed which are basically the same thing. I can offer you enlightenment which is only possible if you realise how dark the world is and everyday we accept the wrong things in society.

So I can offer you hope to do justice to ourselves by living a glorious life where we accept that a dream we dream alone is dream but together we can turn it into reality.

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